Our First Place

I noticed that lots of blogs have a tour of their house - so I thought it would be fun to dig up the photos from the first time we saw our house. You can tell by these pics that I didn't plan on doing "before and afters" since a lot of them aren't form the same angle - but you get the general ideas. It was pretty fun to see the comparison!

Entryway Before 
Entryway After 

Hallway Before
Hallway After 

Family Room Before 
Family Room After 

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After 

Laundry Room Before
 Laundry Room After (not the best, but at least it isn't yellow anymore!)

Guest Bedroom Before
Guest Bedroom After

Hall Bathroom Before
 Hallway Bathroom After

Office Before
Office After

Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After 

Master Bathroom Before
Master Bathroom After 
Deck Before
Deck After 

Exterior: We haven't done anything to the outside of our house. In fact, it is probably worse off than when we bought it :(. So instead, I thought I'd post a Summer and Winter version!

So that's it! I plan to do posts about each room and what we already have changed and what we plan to change. So stay tuned!


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