Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Josiah is 1 Year Old!

Dear Josiah -

I predicted I would feel this way, and I do: I can't believe you are already 1 year old! Your first year of life flew by in the best way possible - it was full of precious moments and things that challenged me for sure. They always say that little girls have their daddy wrapped around their finger, well, I think that I'm wrapped around yours😍. There is something special about a little boy and his mommy and I'm so thankful I've gotten to experience this kind of love💙.

During your first few months of life, you were perfectly delightful during the day, but you cried A LOT in the evenings. Looking back, I think that that was MY fault because I was trying to keep you awake too much during the day (out of fear that you would be awake in the middle of the night). If I remember right, it took you about two months to get your days and nights straightened out and to be more content before bedtime. After that period, you settled into your role as little brother, being dragged around to various activities when you probably would have rather been home all day. You've been a pretty good sport through it all - church on Sundays, weekly Bible Studies, Wednesday night church, gym visits, soccer practice, going to the pool and park in the heat, etc. Every baby is an adjustment for the whole family. Our family adjusted by staying home for you a little bit more than we otherwise would have. I think it has been a great lesson for us all, to put the needs of our family members ahead of our own wants sometimes.

Just like our other two children, it has been an absolute JOY to watch you learn and grow. All the monotonous work of the seemingly ENDLESS feedings, cleaning, diaper changes, laundry, etc. is completely worth it to me to see this little AMAZING person develop right before my eyes. You are a unique miracle created by God. You bring so much fun and laughter to our house as we watch you discover the world for the first time. Most recently it has been watching you learn to WALK! You have been our latest walker by far, but at 13 1/2 months you finally decided to try it out! It has been so cool for me to experience being a mom to three. I can't believe that I have the same level of excitement for each child learning new things, but it just never gets old watching babies discover things like eating, walking, talking, etc.

And just like our other two, I have LOVED having a baby for this past year. Having a baby to hold, a baby to rock to sleep, a baby to snuggle, a baby to lug all around town 😂 and a baby to call my very own. I'm so underserving of this gift, but so thankful to God for giving you to our family. As much as I'm ready for you to support your own body weight (man you were getting heavy!), I am sad that this baby stage is over 😩

Josiah, here are some things I want to remember about you at this age (13 1/2 months)

  • You have given us major trouble at getting you to sleep through the night. The tricks we used with the girls  - that worked like a charm - were not so effective with you! You would sleep through the night for like 3 nights, then wake up again, and we had to start the process all over. I think/hope that we have finally turned a corner
  • You are a really good eater - you try pretty much everything we give you, but you are SO SO messy! You somehow manage to get food all over your clothes, even with your full-body bib, and also have figured out how to get your bibs off
  • You finally are 100% weaned as of 13 1/2 months 
  • You wake up around 7:30 and go to bed around 8:00. You are down to 1 nap most days - this nap is normally about 2.5 hours. You still nap twice a day a few days a week. 
  • You do great at the church and gym nurseries and don't cry when I drop you off
  • At your 12 month visit, you were 21 lbs, 9 oz. (30%), and 29 inches (30%) You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes now. 
  • You LOVE being outside, you are almost always happy when you're outside - even if you are stuck in a stroller or swing. You HATE it when someone is outside and you can't be - you crawl to the door and cry. 
  • You love the water - you love baths, the pool, the water table. 
  • Just like the rest of the family you are loud, we are currently working on the scream that you use to communicate what you want. We are trying sign language.... 
  • Your main words are "More" "Mama" and "Dada" - I think you also try to say "All Done" and "Thank You"
  • You really like playing with trucks and things with wheels - this is a novelty in our house and really cute to watch! Today you played with a school bus, opening the doors and putting people in and out, and rolling it around the kitchen for like an hour!!!! 
  • You also really love toys you can ride on. Right now, your favorite toys are the Winnie-the-Pooh ride on car and the Alphabet Train.
  • You are not as well photographed as your sisters were when they were 1 - I blame myself as a busy, distracted mommy! I need to improve on that! You are growing up so fast! 

We love you so much Josiah and thank God for you always! We pray for you every day that you will know how much we love you, and how much your heavenly Father loves you. 

-Love Mommy 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Time to Pray

First of all, a warm and heartfelt thank you, thank you, thank you to all you have donated in support of this trip!  A trip like this would not be possible without your generous support and thoughtfulness. And if your are reading this for the first time and curious about supporting me, you can click here for all of the information.

But today, I wanted to send a out a prayer calendar.  While supporting a mission effort financially is super helpful, prayer support is just as important if not more important. It is vital that prayer be at the forefront of any mission trip that is working to spread the good news of Jesus.  So below you will find a daily breakdown of a few things to pray for or at least a few things to help get you praying about the  Ecuador trip.  And if you would like to print this document out to keep in your Bible or put on a refrigerator, you can download the prayer calendar by clicking here.

I sincerely thank you all for the way in which you are being an active participant in reaching people with Gospel in Ecuador!!! 

Sat. July 22
Sun. July 23
Mon. July 24
Tues. July 25
Wed. July 26
Thurs. July 27
Fri. July 28
Sat. July 29
Pray that we would arrive safely to Atlanta Airport without delays

Pray that our check in process with all of our supplies will go smoothly

Pray that God will provide safe flight travel to Ecuador

Pray that there will be no issues while going through customs and that God would grant us favor to enter the country with all of our supplies

Pray for safe travel from the airport to our hotel.
Pray for Pastor Christian as he preaches to his church this morning

Pray for unity in diversity as we fellowship with the local church .

Pray that our afternoon preparations will go smoothly and that our team will stay healthy

Pray for that our team will be unified and that we will have time to rest before a busy week.

Pray that the Gospel message presented this week will penetrate the hearts of the people.
Pray for the people of Pilgaran

Pray for that we will have safe travel to the clinic site

Pray that the clinic set up and operation will go smoothly

Pray that many from Pilgaran will come to the clinic

Pray that the message of Pastor Christian will stir people’s heart to believe in Jesus

Pray that we will have safe travel back to the hotel and get good rest
Pray of the people of Alogincho

Pray that we will have safe travel to the clinic site

Pray that the clinic set up and operation will go smoothly

Pray that there will not be harassment from the community

Pray that the message of Pastor Christian will stir people's heart to believe in Jesus

Pray for safe travel back to the hotel
Pray for the people of Carapungo

Pray for safety as we travel and set up the clinic

Pray for the team that we would continue to be healthy and have good energy and stamina

Pray for Pastor Christian as he preaches the Gospel

Pray for a continued spirit of compassion and servant heart within our team members at this midweek point

Pray for good rest for the team as we arrive back at our hotel

Pray for the people of Catzuqui de Leticia

Pray for the members of Pastor Christian’s Church that their faith would be strengthened through this effort and they would be energized to continue discipleship with people that they meet and interact with in the clinic over the past week.

Pray that the clinic will run smoothly with no issues

Pray for good rest this evening for the team  
Pray for the people of Catzuqui de Placer

Pray for energy and continued excellence in healthcare delivery of our team even as we tire from a long week.

Pray for safety in all of the travel as we return to the United States

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bridget is 3 Years Old!

Dear Bridget -

I'm so thankful that you are my daughter! You bring joy, laughter, and sweetness to everyday. Here are some things I want to remember about you at this age.

  • You started preschool at Trinity Baptist Church in the fall. You only went once a week but you really enjoyed your teachers, your class, and the projects you did there. You jumped right in. There were a few times towards the end of the year that you were (or pretended to be) bashful and didn't want to go in, but without much convincing, you were fine. 
  • You had your end of the year school graduation and said your class memory verse, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." - Psalm 23:1. You also sang Jesus Loves Me and the ABC Song. 
  • You continue to be quite the talker. You have a pretty big vocabulary and I am amazed the
    sentences you speak these days. You still talk in a "little-kid" way that is really adorable. And for some reason you have a twang and make a lot of single syllable words into two syllables like "Be-ear" 
  • Speaking of bear - you still love your white polar bear and sleep with him every night. You are pretty flexible and can still go to sleep without him, but you much prefer it if he's with you. You also pretend that bear is your baby - even though I try to convince you to play with your baby dolls, that worn out bear is still the favorite. 
  • You have always been such a sweet child, but turning three has brought about an attitude we haven't seem before. You have been questioning our authority and not obeying very well lately. You are pretty sneaky in your disobedience and won't outright disobey, but will somehow not do what we ask. You are just in the normal three-year-old testing phase and I'm glad that I at least know from experience that it is just a phase! 
  • Still you remain very sweet and tell me all the time that you love me, that you are happy I'm your mom, that you like some part of my outfit or hair, etc. Yesterday I was wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt with the emblem on it and you pointed to it and said "Mommy, I like your cow" - 😂
  • You are extremely emotional. You cry at the drop of a hat and it is sometimes hard to distinguish if you truly are upset or are just wanting our attention (or trying to get your sister in trouble). It is also hard to get you to stop crying. We have been working on "taking some deep breaths" to calm down, or calming down in your room. I think these cry-fests are your version of a tantrum. 

  • You are a great big sister to Josiah. You a eager to play with him and love to make him laugh. I trust you to watch him and play with him and "make sure he doesn't put anything in his mouth" while I'm doing something in the kitchen or have to step away for a few minutes. 

  • You are also a great little sister to Lucy. You are a faithful playing companion. Most of the time, you are happy for her to take charge and decide what you will both play. Sometimes you put your foot down and have you own opinion - there are lots of learning opportunities when y'all play - especially recently because y'all can communicate pretty well together. You have both gotten more imaginative lately. We are at the beach this week and you, Lucy, and your cousin Wyatt were playing that you were going on an adventure and I heard you pipe in "We have to get a map!" 
  • You have had to show some patience and understanding with Lucy doing more things than you because she is older. She played soccer in the spring and you really wanted to play too, but you cooperated and cheered her on and would sometimes kick the ball or run down the field while she was practicing. You were totally fine with Lucy going to school an extra two days and seemed to enjoy staying home with "Mommy and Josiah" - I think you enjoyed getting to be in control of playtime on those two days and more attention from mommy.  
  • You continue to try to keep up with Lucy and succeed a lot actually. She LOVES to draw and do art a lot at the dining room table, and you are right there with her a lot of the time. You don't have quite as long of an attention span, but you do enjoy being able to do art with her. Recently you started using her scissors - apparently you aren't interested in your all-plastic ones anymore. 
  • We had a "Frozen" birthday party for you a week before your actual birthday since your birthday fell on the day of your preschool graduation and also the day we drove to Atlanta for a homeschool conference - Teach Them Diligently. So the day of your birthday, Gigi and Pops and your aunts and uncle watched you. 
  • You got some Polly Pocket dolls for your birthday and enjoy playing with those. You also enjoy playing outside. 
  • You are a really loud talker! At least around the people you know well. You seem to shout a lot of your words - especially when you are excited. 
  • You potty trained around the time when Josiah was born - so you were probably 25 or 26 months old. It took about 3 months to really get it down. You are a pro now and only have rare accidents when you get distracted with playing in a new environment. 
  • You have always been a good eater, but in the last 6 months it has become a little more difficult to get you to eat. Rewarding you with dessert seems to help, but you can get really SLOW eating things you aren't crazy about. 
  • At your three year old doctor appointment you were 50% weight and 80% height. You didn't get any shots, but we did talk to the doctor about your constantly runny nose and made an appointment with the allergist. 
  • You wake up around 7:15-30 each morning, take a nap from 2:00-4:00, and go to bed around 8:15 or 8:30. You still nap pretty consistently but we have started to have about 1 day a week when you just refuse to take a nap. Those days, you are pretty tired in the evenings. 
  • Sharing a room with Lucy has gone pretty well. The only downside has been when one of you wakes up early, then wakes the other one up 😮 It also is tough when one of y'all is sick. In that scenario, we put the sick one in the formal living room for the night. 

Overall, you are such a happy, loving little girl. We love having you in our family and are so thankful that God gave you to us! I see so much potential in your emotional, sweet demeanor. You seem to have the best emotional intelligence in the family - it comes naturally to you to empathize with others. You are eager to share your toys because you love to see others happy. I love how talkative you are and can't wait to converse with you over the years to come. One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing you build one-on-one relationships with your siblings and your parents. You and Lucy have become great play mates recently and it is such a joy to watch y'all getting along and having fun together. You and Josiah love giggling together 😊  You are an amazing daughter and sister and we can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Call for Help

Several months ago, I shared with y'all that I had the opportunity to take over our church's Global Medical Outreach (GMO) ministry.  I wanted to take a little bit of time and update you on what's been going on over the past few months because there has been a flurry of activity:

  • Planning decisions made: 237,498
  • Emails sent: 1,267,649
  • 1 Scouting trip to Ecuador planned, cancelled by Delta, and then subsequently rescheduled over this past occur Memorial Day weekend
  • Conversations: 467
  • Specific answers to prayer: Countless
So, a little bit tongue and cheek with the above list except the cancellation of the scouting trip - that actually happened. And except the countless specific answers to prayer - which will be likely be another blog post because it is so cool to see the reality of specific prayers answered.  But I say all of that to highlight that there has been a ton of activity and that it is time and energy consuming to be planning a mission effort across the globe.  However, I am happy to report that we have a full team of clinicians, pharmacists, and volunteers committed and we are right on target for our trip in July!

And this is where I need your help. Trips like this require financing and I need to raise $2000.00.  This amount will help cover trip expenses as well as provide funds to help cover the cost of some of the medication and supplies that we need.  And of course, if together we raise more than the $2000.00 then the extra amount will be applied to our general GMO fund to offset costs for subsequent ministry and outreach efforts.  It will not be wasted!

$2000.00 is a lot of money.  It is daunting to me to try and raise that much.  But I know that I serve a big God who delights to answer prayer and who delights to see his gospel work advance!  So let's do this!

To donate, please make a check payable to Warren Baptist Church and put Ecuador in the "memo" line.  Then download the form HERE and fill out the bottom portion.  Place the check and the bottom portion of the form in an envelop and send it to the address listed on the form which should be:

Warren Baptist Church
3203 Washington Road
Augusta Ga, 30907

Thank you so much in advance for your support.  This kind of effort cannot happen without your help.  Also, stay tuned for ways in which you can pray for our team.  Finally, if you would like more specific information, stories, updates about Ecuador you can follow our church's Ecuador mission blog.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A New Year, A New Opportunity

I (Jason) have some exciting news to share at the start of this New Year.  God has given me and Laura an incredible opportunity to head up a new ministry at our local church, Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, Ga.  We are launching a Global Medical Outreach and I am leading the first trip to Ecuador July 22-29 of this year!

First, a little bit of background.  Several years ago, Laura and I moved to Augusta for my physical therapy school.  During my time in school, I had an opportunity to go on a medical mission trip with our church to Ecuador.  Later that year, one of my pastors gave me a copy of a book called "Preach and Heal" and that book had a tremendous impact on my life.  After talking with Laura, we began to pray together for our lives to be a proverbial blank check for God to use and we began think more seriously about medical mission work.  Fast forward to just about 2 years ago, I had been practicing therapy for about 2 years and Laura and I began to research full time medical mission since this was still on our heart.  We spent about a year studying different agencies, meeting with missionaries, and learning about seminary requirements to go full time.  But towards the end of that time we did not have a good sense about the full time path and just continued to pray on how to use my medical skill and Laura's expertise to God's glory. In the meantime, our church discontinued it's medical mission trip and no longer sent any type of short term medical teams.

Well, about 10 months ago, I had a not so chance conversation (because I don't really believe in random chance.  God ordains meetings, conversations, etc) with the physician who no longer led the trip due to getting close to retirement.  In that meeting, which was at his grandson's birthday party, I asked him if he was still going to Ecuador.  He told me that unfortunately the medical mission had ended and they had not taken a trip in 5 years.  I asked why and he told me that he had not found anyone who was interested in leading trips and carrying on this ministry of the church.  I paused, grinned at him and said, "I will."  So I began to explain some of my testimony, which I related above, and I began to sense that this is where God was leading us to serve Him in a mission capacity.  We went to the Pastor, had a couple of meetings and the next thing I knew, we were launching this ministry again!  I am really excited because after 6 years, our church is going to be sending medical professionals and other volunteers on short term medical mission trips again! This is so important for our church because our church is dedicated to the advancement of the Gospel both locally and globally and because, as many of you know, Augusta has a large community of healthcare professionals and many of them are in our church. It truly is amazing how God, in his timing, brings you to certain locations, gives you passions and skills, and then gives you an incredible opportunity to serve Him where you are with those skills.

I had the opportunity to host a vision meeting for our ministry and highlight our mission statement.  I wanted to include it in this blog so that you can see and know the heart and desire of this ministry.  Our Vision statement is simple: Warren Baptist Church Global Medical Outreach exists to make Christ followers of all people by empowering local churches across the globe to proclaim the Gospel using the medical knowledge and skill which God has graciously entrusted to us as health care providers.

And really this statement can be applied across every believer with a wide range of skill sets and not just health care.  Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God and with the purpose to advance His Kingdom and make His name known.

Finally, I say all of this to say that, while this is a very exciting time, this is something that Laura and I have never done before and it is stretching our faith and my energy levels daily because there are many needs sitting in front of this ministry.  It's funny, so often I've been on the receiving end of ministries and organization soliciting for help but now I am on the front lines with them as we work toward a common goal of spreading the Gospel.  But I report these needs knowing full well that God will provide.
  • PRAY: This sounds so cliche, but honestly, being on the leadership side of ministry now, I have a greater and deeper understanding of the necessity for brothers and sisters in Christ to intercede.  God has already answered many of our prayers in cool ways and he continues to do so.  But join me in praying over this ministry.  Pray that God would bring the right team members for this trip and the trips in the future.  Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the people we will come in contact with that they would receive the Gospel message and be saved.  Pray that God would watch over all of our travel and logistics.  And finally pray for me and my family that we would continue to be obedient followers of Christ, that we would trust Him always, and that we would have unity as a married couple and family.  Be a warrior and in all things, pray.
  • GIVE: To pull these types of short term trips off requires a lot of supplies, a lot of transportation on the ground, and a lot of logistics.  And all of that takes dollars.  Again, this sounds so cliche, but as I continue to walk with Lord and grow in his grace it is becoming clearer and clearer that perhaps the reason we have been given so much wealth on a global stage is to use it to advance God's kingdom.  George Mueller says in his autobiography that you will never regret investing in the Kingdom of God.  So I ask you to consider supporting this effort.  Your donation will be used to grow this ministry, fund scholarships for participants, provide supplies, help with transportation costs on the ground etc.  You can make your donation by writing a check to Warren Baptist Church, notating Global Medical Mission in the "for" section and mailing it to 3203 Washington Rd, Augusta, Ga 30907. Or, you can go online and make a donation designating your gift to Global Medical Outreach.
  • GO:  We need folks.  We need man power.  So if you are looking for a ministry to get involved with not just financially but tangibly, we would love to have you.  Maybe you are a medical professional looking to use your skills abroad to share the Gospel.  We need you.  Maybe you are a student studying to make a career in health care but want to know if there is something more you can do.  We need you.  Maybe you have the gift of language and can interpret.  We need you.  Maybe you just have a heart for missions and God's command to make disciples of all nations and can volunteer and assist the effort.  We need you too. So if you would like more information you can email me at
This is a cool opportunity and I am looking forward to see where God takes this effort.  Lastly, I hope in your own life you reflect and ask yourself if you are leveraging your time, finances, and gifts for God's Kingdom which will never fail.  As C.T. Studd once wrote:

Only one life 'twill soon be past;
Only what's done for Christ will last.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lucy is 4 1/2 Years Old!

Dear Lucy -

I missed your 4th birthday letter, so I'm going to try to make up for it now!

You have changed so much since since my last "Lucy Update". Here are some things I want to remember:
  • You LOVE arts and crafts - it is your favorite thing to do. We now have a craft bin in the dining room so that you can color any time you want to. I'm surprised at how often you prefer to color than to play with toys
  • Your imagination has really grown recently. I hear you doing a lot more imaginative play by yourself and with Bridget than you used to. 
  • You love helping me cook or really anything we let you "help" with. You are an eager and fast learner.
  • You still love being read to. You have a very long attention span and can pay attention to long books. I wish I had more opportunities to read with you - life is pretty crazy with Bridget and Josiah thrown in! I can't wait for you to learn to read. During your rest times, I let you look at books - you look at them for a lot of the 1 hour you are required to be quiet for. You also do a lot of soft humming, talking, singing, to yourself during this time. I have to remind you a lot to "be quiet" during "quiet time". 
  • You have a really good memory. You like to recollect experiences from your past in detail. You also like to look at family photos and videos on the ipad. 

  • You love to dance and sing. Your favorite CD is Frozen. You and Bridget love to run in circles around the room singing along. You know a lot of the words by heart. You did ballet at the YMCA this winter. 
  • You started preschool (4K) this year. You go on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30-1:30. You have done awesome academically, even though you are probably the youngest one in your class. You do a great job tracing and drawing your letters and numbers. You did great at first and didn't seem to have any adjustment issues - but a few months after you started school, I found out you had been asking your teachers to take you to the bathroom around 10 times per day! After being confused for a few days (since you didn't go to the bathroom that may times at home), we came to the conclusion that you just liked the attention you got from your teachers taking you (since at home you have to go by yourself). After talking to you and your teachers about it, and praying together about it on the way to school (almost every day) - you are doing a lot better in this area and are only asking the teachers to go about 1x per day. This was also a clue to me that you may appreciate more one on one time with me! :) 

  • You are extremely brave, assertive, and like to set the rules and play by the rules. You see things in black and white and like to "tell it like it is" - which is often really funny..... We have been working with you on being kind, saying kind things, saying things in a kind way, "kindness" is our parenting key word for you. We pray that you will come to know Jesus as your personal Savior and that his love and kindness will flow through you. 
  • You haven't napped consistently since you were three years old. You have set your mind to the fact that four year olds don't nap or need to nap - so you never do. As a result, from about 5:00pm you start to get really tired. Most mornings you do so well. You listen, obey, set a good example, play nice with your sister, etc. But when you start to get tired, you find it much harder to listen, obey, be kind, etc. I bought the book - The Power of a Praying Parent and have found so much comfort praying specific prayers over you. I desire so much that you come to love, obey, and follow Jesus - that you would choose to surrender your entire life to him. 

  • Because you don't nap, our latest strategy has been to put you to bed at 7:00pm! This is so early and often it is tough for us to get dinner done and our night time routine accomplished in time to get you to bed at this time. You normally wake up on your own at 7:30am, and when you have gone to bed early, you are in great spirits the whole day. 
  • You LOVE TV - we kinda laugh about the fact that you are a TV addict even though (or maybe because) we don't let you watch very much (no more than 1 hour a day). We are trying to cut back your amount of TV because it seems to have put a damper on all other activities (nothings seems quite as appealing to you as watching TV). 

  • A lot of my thoughts these days are taken up with Kindergarten for you. There are so many options - it is daunting! We feel like God has called us to eventually homeschool our family - we just aren't sure if we should start while Bridget and Josiah are still so young and need my time and attention so much. Right now the options we are considering are: 4 day a week preschool at Abilene Baptist, Homeschool, Public School, or a new Public Charter School. We are praying through all the options. 
  • You are so brave it is a little scary! You haven't cried at all the last few times you got shots and you have lots of guts to disobey us even when you know punishment will follow..... We pray that God will give us the guidance we need to not crush you strong will but direct it to positive areas- so that you can shine in your natural given strengths! 
  • You remind me (and Jason) of ME so much! We share so many little weird idiosyncrasies. One in particular is our keen temperature perception. We each easily get too hot or cold, want to change the temperature in the house or car, like to change our outfits multiple times a day so we are the perfect temperature, etc.! Lucy (like me), also likes to know the overall plan of the day - what is going to happen throughout the day, what day of the week it is, what time it is, she wants to know it all! 

  • We have been trying to be more diligent about family bible time and singing each evening. It has been amazing to see and hear how much you understand about the Bible. 
  • In the fall, I started helping with the new preschool choir program called "Musical Melodies" which you were in! You got to sing at a Baby Dedication Service (the one Josiah was dedicated at), All Family Night (where Operation Christmas Child and other gifts are given), the Ladies Christmas Tea, and at a Nursing Home. It was so much fun to help in this area and watch you sing so well and bring joy to so many! 
Lucy - You are truly my mini me! You look like me and act like me a lot too! Many of our strengths and weaknesses are the same! Many times when I'm parenting you, I feel like I could and should be giving myself the very same lecture! God has used YOU to change ME so much! He is molding both you and me into the people that he wants us to be through sometimes painful trial and error! It is not easy growing up, or raising a child, but I truly am so proud of you. You are a beautiful little girl, on the inside and out. I know you love your family so much and I want so much for our family to be a safe haven for you - a place where you know you are LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY. I love hearing your thoughts and questions about life. You are experiencing and learning so much about this world every day and it is a pleasure to teach you so many things. I'm so blessed that God (and my dear husband), have given me the opportunity to stay at home with you, and Bridget, and Josiah. 

I love you sweet girl - Love, Mom 

Josiah is 6 Months Old!

Josiah turned 6 months old a few weeks ago. He is 18 lbs. (75%), and also 75% for height and 90% for head size. You wear size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes. Here are some things I want to remember about this stage.
  • I LOVE this age! You are so sweet and cute. You are the perfect size to be held. You can hold yourself up pretty well while I hold you so it's easy to take you with me places - like to drop off the girls at school.
  • You got your first tooth (on the bottom) a little after 6 months, and your 2nd bottom tooth around Christmas time. 
  • You wake up around 7:30 in the morning, take a morning nap around 9:30 or 10:00, another nap around 2:00pm (when Lucy and Bridget nap/rest), then sometimes need another short nap around dinner time. Unfortunately, being the youngest brother - your naps often have to get interrupted to go take or pick up siblings from their preschool, or to run errands. I feel bad having to interrupt your naps, and always hope that you will somehow stay asleep as I transition you from the bed to the carseat and vice versa. But you are an EXTREMELY light sleep and wake up VERY easily. So a lot of times, you naps are composed of lots of mini naps. 
  • You go to bed around 8:00 or 8:30pm. Most of the time you wake up around 11:00 to eat (which is right before I go to bed), then wake up AGAIN around 4:00am to eat. At this point I'm okay with this because you just wimper a little, I feed you, and you fall right back to sleep. But lately, you have been peeing out of your diaper and into your sleep sack almost every night - so the 4:00 am feeding can also be an ordeal with changing your clothes, your sheets sometimes, etc. 
  • You are a really good, happy baby. Sometimes your schedule will get pretty messed up and you amaze me by somehow being in an okay mood. If you get enough sleep and food - you are in a GREAT mood usually. You love to laugh and smile. You also love people and getting attention. 
  • In the mornings you really don't get a whole lot of attention since we are all busy getting ready. I used to feed you first thing, then put you in your little rocking chair seat while I took a shower to give your food a chance to settle (you spit up A LOT!). Then after my shower I'd let you play on a blanket or sit in your chair again while I fed the girls breakfast and got them ready for school. Around 5 months, you looked bored sitting in the chair and I started letting you play in the pack n' play while I take a shower - then put you in the exerciser/jumperoo while the girls eat. 
  • You are starting to really love tummy time and can rotate yourself in a circle. You can also push yourself backwards but don't do that very much anymore. Since you have been teething you are content on your tummy chewing on toys. 
  • You started sitting by yourself around 6 months but still sometimes fall over. If I'm not in the same room as you I put the boppy around you. 
  • I have an Ergo and use it ALL the time! You like being able to look around and being close to Mommy. 
  • You LOVE to suck on your thumb. I haven't probably exerted enough energy trying to get you like pacifiers instead. You love to fall asleep on your tummy, head tilted to one side, sucking your thumb. 
  • We are so THANKFUL that you haven't gotten very sick yet. By this age Bridget had already had tubes put in her ears and you haven't even had an ear infection! This is such a blessing!!!!! You have had a few colds with running noses, and since you like to sleep on your tummy - it is hard for you to breathe when you are congested. We let you sleep in your rock n' play and that seemed to do the trick. You have outgrown the rock n' play now though so if a bad cold happens again we will probably have you sleep in your reclined car seat. 
  • We tried out baby led weaning when you turned 6 months and you seemed to like it okay. Your first food was avocados. You also tried bananas, sweet potatoes, and diced peaches. It ended up being extremely messy. You ended wearing most of the food. I think you got some in your mouth but I had to bathe you after every meal! So we decided to switch to puffs and baby food until you mastered grabbing small bits of food. So far you are doing awesome with baby food - you love it! Most of the time, you even like the food the first time you try it. You are getting better at grabbing puffs and getting those in your mouth too. 

  • Your favorite toy is the signing snail. You love to watch Lucy and Bridget play and put up with them getting into your "personal space" pretty well 
  • You do pretty well at church nursery, BSF, and the gym nursery. We have left you with a few babysitters too and you have done well. :) 
  • You are a pretty good traveler too! We have gone to Atlanta a few times and even drove out to Mississippi this week! 
I just love you so much Josiah! I still can't believe that I have a little boy! It is the best thing ever. Your smile, laugh, and cuddles melt my heart. LOVE YOU ALWAYS - MOM 


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