Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bridget is 1 Year Old!

My baby girl is already 1 year old! This year has flown by and been filled with so many wonderful memories. I've been really sentimental lately because not only has it been one year since you have been part of our family, but it has also been one year since I have had the blessing of being a stay at home mom! Life also changed a lot for Lucy, who went from being in daycare almost every day, to being home all day with me and you!

You started off as a wee little thing (6 lbs. 13 oz), but quickly caught up to average and then some! At your one year check-up you were 22 lbs, 14 oz (79%), 30 inches (79%), and head circumference of 18.5 (93%). I'm always reminding people that you're "big" since you look and act older than you are. Ever since you had your ear tubes in, you have only had one ear infection that was treated quickly with ear drops. It has been so wonderful to see you actually get better (on your own) from a cold! This didn't happen in the fall/winter when you had one ear infection after another after another and never seemed to heal on your own without antibiotics. Of course with a big sister, lots of outings and time with other kids there has been no shortage of sickness/colds around here - however none of them have been serious. Praise God! 

You started walking/taking steps right around 10 months and quickly progressed to full blown walking around 11 months. Now at 12 months you're getting really good at walking! The other day we were in the yard and you were walking on the paver stones all by yourself and  barely falling at all :) 

We celebrated your birthday this past Saturday on May 16 and you had the privilege of all 4 of your grandparents being there for it! Plus lots of friends! I don't think you realized that all the commotion, decorations, and food was in honor of you and I think you were a little overwhelmed and were more quiet and calm than you normally are. It's pretty funny to witness but I think Lucy was more excited about your party than you were, since she is older and more aware. She also has probably had more fun playing with all your new toys! You are happy just to toddle around the house and open all the cabinets where the child locks have broken off.... ;0)

Here are some things I want to remember about you at this age: 
  • You were completely weaned as of May 17 - the day after your party. I've been trying to wean you for about a month and we finally made it! You weren't the biggest fan of regular cows milk but you eventually realized it was all you were going to get! lol The last feeding we dropped was your middle of the night feeding! I can't believe that I fed you once in the middle of the night almost every night since you were born! This is mainly because you would wake up, cry, and I could either nurse you and you'd go right back to sleep OR I could let you cry and scream for a long time until you really woke yourself up and were then super hard to calm down and get back to sleep. Plus I was always worried that you would wake up Lucy - although honestly she sleeps like a rock. 
  • I used to think you were super laid back, and although you are more laid back than Lucy, you definitely have your opinions! Now that you are walking and can basically get anywhere you want you have shown your little attitude! Sometimes it is just defending yourself when Lucy takes away your toy or something, but other times you have so much energy and curiosity that you get yourself into trouble (touching power cords, taking Lucy's nightlight out of the socket, messing with the painting that hangs above your changing table, etc.) You do respond to a harsh "no" more than Lucy ever did, it seems to really upset you when we scold you. However I did have to give you a few hand slaps over the last few weeks because you kept doing the same thing that I told you not to do over and over and over and had a little mischievous smile to go along with it! 
I love you so much my baby boo! 


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