Friday, January 30, 2015

Bridget is 8 Months Old!

It's been two and half months since I last posted about you Bridget and so much has changed! (You are actually closer to 8 1/2 months right now). I think you are about 20-21 lbs.
  • Yesterday (1/29/15) I saw you standing on your own without holding onto anything! Can't believe you are able to do this already!
  • You want to be right in the middle of the action. Around this house the action normally involves Lucy. So whatever Lucy is doing or playing with, is what you want to do too. Although it is so cute to watch you be enamored with your big sister, she isn't always crazy about you messing up her toys. One of the most frequent phrases heard is "No baby sissy eat" - which is what Lucy says when she's either afraid you will chew on/mess up her toys or you actually are chewing on/messing up her toys. Lucy has a little car that rolls on its own after you pull it back. So recently we were rolling it back and forth to each other down the hall and you went crawling right after the car, back and forth. We joked that it was like playing fetch. You didn't even care that you never quite got the car, but were content to chase it around. 
  • You are SO sweet! You have the sweetest personality and smile. You just love being around people. That is the main reason you will cry, if we walk away from you and suddenly you are alone. I'm so thankful that I get to spend so much time with you and build the mommy-baby bond. You are also really tough. Most of the time if Lucy is playing a little too rough (for my liking) you are actually fine with it. 
  • Around 7 months you started pulling up on things and haven't stopped! Now you are walking (tentatively) behind your little push walker thing that Lucy had and you also like to push your blue ride-in walker too. You also figured out how to move your feet when you're in your blue walker and it is hilarious to watch. Unfortunately there aren't many wide open spaces for you to walk around in in our house so you are happy until you hit a wall and then cry for us to come move you. That thing is a life saver when I'm getting ready to leave the house. I just plop you in that thing and you watch me and Lucy put our shoes and coats on. Then I put my bags over my shoulder, grab you, and off we go! 

  • You continue to crawl and have gotten better and faster at it. You sound like a peg leg pirate when you crawl because you normally carry one toy in one hand while you crawl, like a little people person or a block. 
  • You recently discovered that you can explore the house on your own and you get really happy/giddy while you crawl around in the morning. While we are getting ready we put you on the big carpet in the family room and in just a few minutes we hear you laughing as you crawl right back up the hall to our bedroom. 
  • It is hard to get a shower/do things by myself now that you are completely mobile! Lucy is totally satisfied to sit and watch some TV in the morning but not you! You want to explore! I've tried to put you in the pack n' play so I could take a shower and you didn't like that. You played for a bit but were crying by the time I was done and pulled up and hung onto the sides of it with your face smooshed against the wall. I also tried the exersaucer, but you also only were happy there for a few minutes and were crying by the time my shower was done. The most successful thing I have tried is putting you in your crib with the lights on and your musical mobile on. I also put a lot of toys in there for you to play with. For some reason you haven't cried with that set up.
  • You started waking up pretty early in the morning (around 6:30) when we are not ready to wake up yet. So I've been going in, changing your diaper, taking you out of your sleep sack and letting you play with toys in your crib until about 6:45 or 7:00 when I take you into our bed to play for a little while. You play pretty well on your own but are SO excited to come play in our bed. You love rolling around in our soft blankets and pillows and just giggle and laugh - it's the cutest thing to wake up to. 
  • You got tubes put in your ears on Dec. 31st. This was a huge answer to prayer as we were specifically praying that we could get them in before the end of the year to help us with the cost. You have not had an ear infection since! You did get a cold in mid-January that I was afraid would turn into an ear infection, but you seemed to fight it off! Praise the Lord! This is truly an answer to our prayers after you were sick so much of Oct-Dec. 
  • When you are sick/congested, we bring in the car seat for you to sleep in so that you are upright enough for your congestion not to prevent you from sleeping well. You really don't mind it to much. I should mention our "sick baby" routine is pretty elaborate and exhausting! We take your temp. every now and then to make sure the cold hasn't turned into an infection, sometimes we give you baby Tylenol, then I put Vicks on your feet, chest and back, sometimes suck out your nose, turn on the humidifier, nurse you to sleep, then place you in the carseat and hope you don't wake up during the transition! I'm so glad that you are completely healthy right now and can sleep in your bed!
  • You still take 2 naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They are starting to get a little less predictable and shorter and you can go longer without one. There have been a few days that you went around 5 hours before you morning nap because you wouldn't fall asleep from excitement (at BSF nursery, at the gym nursery etc.) So really, home is the only place where you are guaranteed to take a nap these days. You also have started falling asleep in the car, then wake up when we get home, and don't resume your nap. So you have like a 10-15 min nap and you wake up thinking it is time to play again! So I'm starting to master the "transport sleeping baby from car to crib" skills for those lucky moments when we pull into the driveway and you are still asleep! 
  • You like to crawl around the house and find little pieces of fuzz or dirt and point to them/pick at them with your finger and eventually stick them in your mouth. This is a nerve-wracking stage for me. Try as I might to keep the floors clean, with mainly wood and tile floors in our house this is hard to do! My main goal now is to just keep things off the floor that are big enough that you could choke on them. This could be the reason the top thing on my wish list now is a really good vacuum cleaner and steam mop. 
  • You were so congested while you were sick that you couldn't keep baby food down very well and as a result lost interest in baby food for about 2 weeks. You are slowly warming back up to it (you were eating it great around Christmastime). I've started experimenting with finger foods. First I gave you little cut up pieces of canned peaches. But they were so small and slippery you couldn't really eat them. So I tried larger chunks and you choked on those. So now we are back to small pieces. It is hard with 2 kids because I can't pay 100% full attention to you while you are eating, because normally I'm getting lunch stuff ready for Lucy simultaneously, so I just have to set you up with some finger food that I trust you won't choke on. Other things I have tried is rice, cut up baked sweet potato, and life cereal broken into small bits. You were pretty excited about all of it and seem to like to feed yourself (although you don't get much in your mouth - most of it ends up in your high chair and on the floor!) 
  • You are pretty jealous of Lucy's water sippy cups that I let her take with her around the house so I decided to let you try it and you love it! Again, I don't think you are getting much water out of it, but it makes you happy! 
  • You still have no teeth! I've been thinking that they are just about to pop through for the last 3 months, so who knows! 
  • Your hair is getting longer. It looks like it is light brown. It is so soft and cute. 
  • I've totally spoiled you and you continue to nurse to sleep at bedtime and nap times. Sometimes you will nap when I'm not there (at church or BSF nursery) by falling asleep in someones lap or in a swing. I really need to break you of this habit, but it works so well that I'm finding it hard to convince myself.... 

Bridget - we can't imagine our lives without you in it! You bring a HUGE ray of sunshine into our house every day. I love your sweet disposition and smile. You are my little adorable companion and I love sharing my days with you! You are really growing up so fast. I'm constantly surprised by what you are able to do. I love you so much! Thank you for making each day so sweet and special! 

Love your Mommy 


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