Thursday, December 24, 2015

Year End Book Review 2015

For those of you who read this blog post every know the drill.  For those of you who are reading it for the first time, well it's pretty simple.  I read some books over the course of the year.  And then I provide a brief review so you can decide if you would like to read them. Let's get down to business.

Benjamin Rush by David Barton - No, this is not a book about a dude who ages backwards.  This book is actually a very well written biography of one of the foremost founding fathers of this country and it is written by a fantastic American historian in David Barton.  I have recently really desired to read about our nation's founders from their own writings, letters, and other publications because I don't think textbooks give you a real picture of who these men were.  I had only heard about Benjamin Rush because of some prior David Barton information that I had read.  But truthfully, after reading this book, he is probably one of the most influential and important founders.  This man was the catalyst behind Thomas Paine's pamphlet "Common Sense."  He served both as signer of the Declaration of Independence and later as as signer of the Constitution.  David Barton writes this book in categories ranging from Benjamin Rush's thoughts on education, religion, politics, medicine, etc. So each chapter is dedicated to that topic and includes many letters, essays, and other publications of Benjamin Rush himself.  He is a prolific founder with a deep love of God and timeless wisdom.  In addition, I appreciated this book because Benjamin Rush was also a physician and is considered the father of American medicine.  It's a fantastic book and this man has become somewhat of a role model in my life in how he conducted his faith, life, family, and medical practice.

Kingdom Man by Tony Evans - This book was actually not on my preliminary reading list but the men in my life group wanted to get together and read it so I joined in.  It was a good book.  Tony Evans (who shamefully I didn't really know about) has an easy readability and he uses many analogies and metaphors to drive home his points.  Basically, his focus of the book is for Christian men to step up and be who God created us to be - leaders, providers, societal changers through the power of the Gospel in our lives, marriages, families, and work places.  He provides many fascinating statistics on men in society and the importance of fathers in the home all with the challenge to lean in to Christ and, by His power, fulfill what God has called us to be and to do.  As I said before, it is a good book with a great point and challenge but my one critique would be it becomes a little repetitious in thought and principle.  Nonetheless, one would walk away with renewed energy to man up!

Knowing God by J.I. Packer - This is a gem.  This book was for me this year as George Muller's Autobiography was last year.  I read a short book by J.I. Packer last year and loved it.  This is probably his most well known and most prolific writing and it doesn't disappoint.  On the outset this book is for believers and the author's aim is to again capture who God is as he is revealed in the Bible.  It is a great comfort and provides incredible clarity to any believer.  Basically each chapter explores an attribute or doctrine of God from God's grace to His love, to His wrath, to His judgement.  No aspect is left untouched and Mr. Packer does an exceptional job of linking everything to give you a grand and complete picture of our God.  I listened to this as an audio book and several times driving down the road I was almost in tears worshiping God.  Clearly, worship is not about creating an experience or a certain music style.  It is simply marveling at who God is and what he has done for me and you. But that is a discussion for another time.  The entire book is most excellent but my favorite chapters were those on God's love which was immediately followed by God's wrath.  The juxtaposition of what His loved saved us out of is verbally painted in a magnificent fashion.  I also really really liked the chapter on our adoption.  You need to read this book.  It should almost be mandatory for every believer and I hope to read it every few years to be continually reminded by one of the greatest theologians of our day, just how awesome is our God.

Counter Culture by David Platt - I love me some David Platt.  His passion and zeal for God's glory and God's kingdom is contagious and it flows out of this book as well.  Essentially, the author makes the claim that in a culture focused on justice and social justice Christians sometimes focus on one, say global poverty, and turn a blind eye to another, say sex slavery.  Mr. Platt argues that that mentality, to care about what is en vogue, cannot be true of believers because the Gospel impacts all areas sin and injustice.  With that foundation laid, you will read through ten chapters each dealing with a major crisis issue within the world and within our cultural context.  David Platt expertly, poignantly, and yet lovingly threads how the good news of Christ not only can free someone from an injustice but also explains how the Gospel impacts our personal hearts and lives to make a difference.  This is a fantastic book and quite honestly a challenging book because it forces you to be practical and begin to ask how can I begin to make a difference by advancing the Gospel message.  I mentioned it was practical.  It's very practical.  He includes at the end of each chapter agencies and ministries that you can partner with that are carrying out work in each of the areas described which ranges from abortion, to race relations, to poverty, to sex slavery etc...yeah, all in one book.  This book packs a wake up punch that we all need and I highly recommend it.

Adoniram Judson: A Bicentennial Appreciation of the Pioneer American Missionary by Jason Duesing - That was a mouthful.  It's a long title but basically it's a biography of Adoniram Judson.  It's interesting how I came across this book because I probably never would have read this book.  But originally in the early part of this year I was scheduled to go with a medical mission team to the country of Myanmar through an organization called the Christian Medical/Dental Association (CMDA).  It's a great organization and yes, the have a physical therapy wing.  But as I was going through the process the team leader wanted us to read a biography of this guy named Adoniram Judson.  Low and behold the next day (I don't think it was chance at all) there is a Kindle deal for this book for .99 cents so I buy it and read it.  And I am really glad I did.  I learned so much about not only Mr. Judson but also William Carey, who is considered the father of modern mission.  I learned about the early mission agencies in America and the ties to English mission agencies, which was all happening around the time of the American revolution.  I learned about the theology of America's most prolific early missionary in Adoniram Judson and how great Puritans like Jonathan Edwards impacted him.  I learned about the sacrifices, hardships, setbacks, and near failures that this man went through to bring the gospel to the people of Burma, or modern day Myanmar.  Mr. Judson is an inspiring figure, but also very real as he suffered through some dark depression on the field and went through hell on earth losing multiple spouses and many children all to advance the Kingdom of God.  I ended up not being able to go on the trip due to changes in my family life but I was truly informed and inspired by Adoniram's life.  Hopefully, I will be able to go with the team in the future.

Prayer by Tim Keller - I loved this book.  I really like Timmy-K in general but I really appreciated this book.  I think if we are honest we all would admit that our prayer lives are lacking.  Maybe in consistency, maybe in depth, maybe in focus.  It just seems that something so vitally important seems to be so elusive in our daily lives.  And Tim addresses that in this book.  He explores the theology of prayer, the necessity of prayer, and ultimately the supreme importance of prayer.  He does this by drawing from some great teaches of the past including Jesus with the model prayer, St. Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Calvin.  But what I really appreciated are his honest struggles with prayer and his exploration and study of prayer to improve his own prayer life.  Mr. Keller includes prayer examples and even prayer plans in the indexes of the book.  This book challenged my prayer life but it also renewed and re-energized my prayer life.  I would highly recommend this book to read in the coming year.

Luther on the Christian Life: Cross and Freedom by Carl Trueman - This was a fascinating book.  It was not necessarily what I expected but it did not disappoint. This book was really an application of Luther's theological mind to different areas of the christian life.  The author focused mainly on church life and teaching.  In the beginning of the book you learn briefly about Martin Luther from one of the leading Luther scholars in Carl Trueman, but he is quick to point out that this book is not a biography but an exploration of Luther's theology applied to the life of a believer within the medieval worldview lens of Luther.  The meat of the book boils down to Luther's view of people either as theologians of glory (man centered theology/law/works based belief) or theologians of the cross (follower's of the gospel message).  The author highlights that being a theologian of the cross is counter logical in that there is strength in weakness, and life in death.  Mr. Trueman uses citations from Luther's major works in the book that really highlight Luther's beliefs.  Topics range from pastoral teaching, to church life, to family life.  I learned some good lessons for teaching and leading my life group.  My one critique is that this book was much more academic then I expected it to be.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but the author uses many words that could be found on a GRE and I could see being assigned this book in seminary.  Overall, though, it was a good book.   

The Mortification of Sin by John Owen - Finally...the last of the books that I read this year.  This book is a fast forward about 150 years from Luther's time to the time of the Puritan's.  I do love the Puritan's and the more I read them the more I love them. John Owen is among some of the most famous Puritan teachers and his writings on dealing with sin in a believers life in this book are very applicable to believers today.  Essentially he reiterates what the Bible says that we are to be holy and to throw off sin.  But then he provides some practical means in which believers do that starting with the obvious, surrender to Christ and reliance on the Holy Spirit.  It is a very encouraging read as you explore his insights and thoughts on killing sin in your life.  It is also a great challenge to be holy and to hate sin.  However, John Owen's writing can be a little difficult because he uses really long sentences and it's written in an outline form.  But, it is a fantastic book and one that I would highly recommend because it is not very lengthy.  Best line from the book: "Do you mortify [sin]? Do you make it your daily work? Be always at it whilst you live; cease not a day from this work; be killing sin or it will be killing you."  

So Laura said this book doesn't count because it was a daily devotional and I didn't read the entirety of it.  But, Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotional is fantastic.  There are two devotionals per day, and I read about half of them.  They are challenging, worshipful, thought provoking, encouraging and just fantastic. Spurgeon continues to be one of my favorites and these collections of writings are just awesome.  I highly recommend this devotional for the year ahead if you want a daily reading.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our Budgeting & Debt Payoff Story

I recently wrote our budgeting/financial story for a friend's blog and thought I should share it here too. Budgeting has been VITALLY important to my husband and I throughout our entire marriage. I want to share our testimony about not only how budgeting has helped us, but also how God has provided for us financially.

Financial Backgrounds

Jason and I grew up with different spending habits. I had a fair amount of spending money because my parents paid for all of my needs and then some, then whatever I earned at my job was mine to spend as well. They taught me the importance of saving and giving, but I chose what to do with the rest. What I chose consisted mainly of clothes and entertainment. Jason grew up and entered college with more of a mindset that he didn't need a whole lot of spending money, and that most of his earned money would go to more important long term things, like college.


When we got married (right out of college), the main area of adjustment was money decisions. I had a few credit cards, and had no issue with signing up for new credit cards if it meant saving some money or getting some perks when I signed up. Well a few months into our marriage I carelessly forgot to make a payment and got a late fee. Jason was pretty unhappy about this and told me that we didn't have the money to be paying late fees. He thought that we needed to buckle down on our finances, write down every purchase that we made, budget, and rip up some credit cards. I was pretty shocked at first and put up a little bit of a fight. But I knew he was right. We were making very little money since I was finishing up school and working part time and he was only able to intern before entering Physical Therapy school. We didn't have a choice. We had to be SUPER careful about how we spent our money or we would burn through our savings in no time flat. I will give a shout out to Crown Financial - we did that Bible Study in a group together before we got married and it gave us a lot of groundwork information that we built on.

Luckily, I am a huge Excel nerd and once we set up a very basic budget in Excel and did it a few months, I actually enjoyed seeing for the first time a bigger picture of where our money was going. I suddenly felt in control! We could decide that we were only going to spend "X" dollars in groceries that month and actually accomplish that goal! Yes, it meant not buying fancy foods, and eating out of the pantry for the last week of the month, but we weren't dipping into our savings! It was time consuming to look at all of our statements and reconcile the amounts and enter them into our budget, but it also empowered us because we would catch funny charges or things that we didn't recognize. There wasn't ever a charge to any of our accounts that we didn't see. Every charge got entered on our budget as the month went along.

Budgeting during Physical Therapy School

I believe that the Lord guided us through our experience with Crown Financial, our budget, and also the good "live debt free" example set by our parents to help get us through the next period of our marriage. As soon as Jason started PT school, our budget became extremely tight. I got a job and the money I earned had to be enough for both of us. We made it our goal not to take out ANY additional debt beyond school expenses. You see, in Medical School, you can take out tons of debt, not just for school expenses, but for living expenses as well! Trust me, it was very tempting to take out debt so we could go on a vacation or two, go out to eat more, buy more clothes, fix up our house, etc. But living on a tight budget taught us (mainly me) one very important lesson - PATIENCE! I learned that if I wanted to paint the kitchen or wanted a new outfit, maybe I couldn't do it that day - maybe I'd have to wait for birthday money, or Christmas money. It was a tough lesson, but I learned that God eventually provided for those desires - even when I didn't really "need" them. Our budget allowed us to cut every unnecessary expense so that we wouldn't have to take out more debt. One expense we didn't cut was tithing. It was a blessing to witness how God provided for us in this time. At the end of the year we were both SHOCKED that our savings account hadn't changed.

Paying back the Debt

When Jason finished PT school, passed his board exam, and got a job (Hallelujah!) - we purposely chose NOT to live on the glorious two paychecks that we suddenly had! We chose to live on his pay, and for my pay to go 100% to paying off his school debt - our total debt was approx. $43,000. Now at this point (3 1/2 years into our marriage), we had just had our first child - Lucy. I had always had a strong desire to be a stay at home mom, but I realized that if I did that, we would not be able to afford our living expenses plus the new monthly payment on Jason's school loans that we would soon have. It was a HUGE sacrifice for me to take Lucy to a nanny or daycare almost every day for her first two years of life to pay off that debt - and boy did it make me thankful that we hadn't let it balloon any larger during our first 3 years of marriage!

Quick Side Note: We are Dave Ramsey fans and believe in the "pay it off with a vengeance" mentality. Jason's medical school loan didn't require us to make any payments for 6 months and also didn't collect any interest for 6 months! We took this as a challenge and aimed to pay off the debt as quickly as possible so that we would pay very minimal interest. When all was said and done, we paid less than $500 in interest - PRAISE BE TO GOD!

Another Side Note: When Lucy was born, the Lord enabled me to get a huge pay raise at the exact moment when we started paying off the debt. Coincidence? I think not! I believe that God was rooting for us to pay off the debt to reach our goal of debt freedom and our ultimate goal of being able to afford for me to be a stay at home mom.

We paid off all of our debt in about a year and half. I kept working for another 6 months for the sole purpose of building up some savings.

Budgeting throughout Life Changes

We have continued with the same Excel spreadsheet budget for the last 6 years! We have (Praise God!) more money coming in each month, but the number of transactions and amount of money spent each month has also skyrocketed! (think babies, diapers, kids clothes, etc.!) I'm not going to lie, it is a time commitment to enter each transaction that we make. However, it makes us literally think about every purchase twice. It helps us see what each purchase does to our bottom line, and it gives us a goal to shoot for. Are we perfect at budgeting? Definitely not! I'll be the first to admit that we rarely make budget 100%. But the goal is that some months we have a little extra, and some months we spend a little extra, and thats okay! Life is unpredictable sometimes! We are currently investigating budgeting software like Quicken that will make the process more automated, so hopefully that will mean less time with the budget with the same ability to see where our money is going.

We are now "Living the Dream" - with no debt except our house and our rental house. I'm a stay at home mom and we have savings as a cushion. Sometimes I still worry about future finances, but I love looking back at the ways that God has provided for us. He is the same God now as He was then, He still has the ability to provide for all of our needs, and He will do just that! If that means one day I need to return to work, that's fine. I'm just thankful for the testimony he has given us, and thankful for this opportunity to share our story!


Monday, October 19, 2015

30 Feels Good

I feel like the momentous occasion of turning the big 3-0 deserved a least a small blog post. For whatever reason, I remember as a child, a photo of my dad when he turned 30. I thought that was SO SO SO OLD! He had both my sister and I with him. I must have been 3 or 4 and she was around 1. I thought, that must be what normal 30 year olds are like. They have 2 kids :). As I grew up, I didn't think too much about it. But once the baby bug hit, I decided that would be my dream come true. For two babies for Jason and I when we turned 30. What a better way to celebrate than with two adorable additions to our family?

After working a few years I had started to realize that this whole "baby" thing might be a tad harder than I imagined. First off, Jason was in Physical Therapy school, not able to work yet. So instead of a double income, we just had my income for living expenses as we steadily went into debt. My vision of a baby wasn't exactly having so much debt that Jason and I both had to work full time forever and ever just to make our monthly payments. I wanted the idyllic life of me staying at home with my baby, cooking, exercising, decorating, shopping, reading, watching tv, and whatever other fun things a stay at home mom did.

Well long story short, God provided in huge ways in various areas of our lives to let me have my "idyllic" life of being a stay at home mom of two kids - by age 30 no less! Now there were a few bumps in the road. For example, I didn't get to be with Lucy all day every day when she was a baby. I worked 30-35 hours a week from home for almost 2 years until we had Bridget. But we did pay off our debt (wahoo!) and now, I've been living the dream for about a year and half. I'll admit that my life isn't exactly the idyllic existence I thought it would be. Although I do cook some, I clean a whole lot more, and there's not much reading or watching TV going on. Exercise is heaven whenever I get to do it, but happens much rarer than I'd like. Decorating doesn't really exist because honestly, whatever I set out is at risk for breakage. Plus the space could be better used for things the kids enjoy doing. Instead of beautiful artwork, we have the ABCs taped to the wall with painters tape. Instead of a closet full of clothes, it's full of kids art supplies. Instead of flowers on the coffee table, we have a bin of library books. Instead of getting really excited about my own birthday, honestly I was way more excited about my kids birthdays this year. Instead of reading and thinking about how to better my career path and become a more knowledgeable and innovative marketer, my brain is now occupied with things like, "How do I teach my kids how to read?" "Do I really have what it takes to home school my kids?" "How do I convert recipes to be freezer recipes so I don't have to cook every night?" "How can I better organize my garage so the kids have more space to ride their bikes and play", the list goes on and on. Sometimes I miss the "old me" who was a driven career woman who brought in income for our family. The old me who worked out on a consistent basis. The old me whose hair always looked good. The old me who had time to put on makeup everyday. The old me who spent a fair amount of money on a wardrobe. Sometimes I actually pine for more "me time". Time to read, time to train for a half marathon, time to lose myself in a movie. Time to blog! But even more, I'm starting to appreciate the "new me". The new me who actually thinks about others before herself (mainly my kids). The new me who gets to spend an entire morning with my sick daughter, taking her to the doctor and getting her Rx filled - and not worry about work waiting for me the next day. The new me who can sacrifice a good nights rest for my kids. The new me who finds more joy in my kids experiencing new things, than in myself experiencing new things. This new life is transforming me. The Lord is using this home-with-my-two-small-kids time in my life to mold me, refine me, CHANGE ME. And boy do I need changing. Left to my own devices, I am completely selfish. He has shown me that there is something better. A life of giving, of praying for others, of caring, of serving. I still have a LONG way to go, but I'm so thankful that my God is the one in charge of my sanctification and not me.

I guess all of these things I've described is part of becoming a mom - is part of my life as I turn 30. I wouldn't have it any other way. I never want to forget this time in my life. I'm pretty sure it won't last forever, so I sure should write about it more often.

Here's a song that I want to be true in my life during this season:

"The Potter's Hand" - Hillsong Live

Beautiful Lord, Wonderful Savior
I know for sure, all of my days are held in your hands, crafted 
into your perfect plan

You gently call me into your presence guiding me by Your Holy Spirit
Teach me dear Lord to live all of my life through Your eyes
I'm captured by Your holy calling
Set me apart, I know you're drawing me to yourself
Lead me Lord I pray

Take me, Mold me, use me, fill me
I give my life to the Potter's hand
Call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me
I give my life to the Potter's hand

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bridget is 1 Year Old!

My baby girl is already 1 year old! This year has flown by and been filled with so many wonderful memories. I've been really sentimental lately because not only has it been one year since you have been part of our family, but it has also been one year since I have had the blessing of being a stay at home mom! Life also changed a lot for Lucy, who went from being in daycare almost every day, to being home all day with me and you!

You started off as a wee little thing (6 lbs. 13 oz), but quickly caught up to average and then some! At your one year check-up you were 22 lbs, 14 oz (79%), 30 inches (79%), and head circumference of 18.5 (93%). I'm always reminding people that you're "big" since you look and act older than you are. Ever since you had your ear tubes in, you have only had one ear infection that was treated quickly with ear drops. It has been so wonderful to see you actually get better (on your own) from a cold! This didn't happen in the fall/winter when you had one ear infection after another after another and never seemed to heal on your own without antibiotics. Of course with a big sister, lots of outings and time with other kids there has been no shortage of sickness/colds around here - however none of them have been serious. Praise God! 

You started walking/taking steps right around 10 months and quickly progressed to full blown walking around 11 months. Now at 12 months you're getting really good at walking! The other day we were in the yard and you were walking on the paver stones all by yourself and  barely falling at all :) 

We celebrated your birthday this past Saturday on May 16 and you had the privilege of all 4 of your grandparents being there for it! Plus lots of friends! I don't think you realized that all the commotion, decorations, and food was in honor of you and I think you were a little overwhelmed and were more quiet and calm than you normally are. It's pretty funny to witness but I think Lucy was more excited about your party than you were, since she is older and more aware. She also has probably had more fun playing with all your new toys! You are happy just to toddle around the house and open all the cabinets where the child locks have broken off.... ;0)

Here are some things I want to remember about you at this age: 
  • You were completely weaned as of May 17 - the day after your party. I've been trying to wean you for about a month and we finally made it! You weren't the biggest fan of regular cows milk but you eventually realized it was all you were going to get! lol The last feeding we dropped was your middle of the night feeding! I can't believe that I fed you once in the middle of the night almost every night since you were born! This is mainly because you would wake up, cry, and I could either nurse you and you'd go right back to sleep OR I could let you cry and scream for a long time until you really woke yourself up and were then super hard to calm down and get back to sleep. Plus I was always worried that you would wake up Lucy - although honestly she sleeps like a rock. 
  • I used to think you were super laid back, and although you are more laid back than Lucy, you definitely have your opinions! Now that you are walking and can basically get anywhere you want you have shown your little attitude! Sometimes it is just defending yourself when Lucy takes away your toy or something, but other times you have so much energy and curiosity that you get yourself into trouble (touching power cords, taking Lucy's nightlight out of the socket, messing with the painting that hangs above your changing table, etc.) You do respond to a harsh "no" more than Lucy ever did, it seems to really upset you when we scold you. However I did have to give you a few hand slaps over the last few weeks because you kept doing the same thing that I told you not to do over and over and over and had a little mischievous smile to go along with it! 
I love you so much my baby boo! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Bridget is 8 Months Old!

It's been two and half months since I last posted about you Bridget and so much has changed! (You are actually closer to 8 1/2 months right now). I think you are about 20-21 lbs.
  • Yesterday (1/29/15) I saw you standing on your own without holding onto anything! Can't believe you are able to do this already!
  • You want to be right in the middle of the action. Around this house the action normally involves Lucy. So whatever Lucy is doing or playing with, is what you want to do too. Although it is so cute to watch you be enamored with your big sister, she isn't always crazy about you messing up her toys. One of the most frequent phrases heard is "No baby sissy eat" - which is what Lucy says when she's either afraid you will chew on/mess up her toys or you actually are chewing on/messing up her toys. Lucy has a little car that rolls on its own after you pull it back. So recently we were rolling it back and forth to each other down the hall and you went crawling right after the car, back and forth. We joked that it was like playing fetch. You didn't even care that you never quite got the car, but were content to chase it around. 
  • You are SO sweet! You have the sweetest personality and smile. You just love being around people. That is the main reason you will cry, if we walk away from you and suddenly you are alone. I'm so thankful that I get to spend so much time with you and build the mommy-baby bond. You are also really tough. Most of the time if Lucy is playing a little too rough (for my liking) you are actually fine with it. 
  • Around 7 months you started pulling up on things and haven't stopped! Now you are walking (tentatively) behind your little push walker thing that Lucy had and you also like to push your blue ride-in walker too. You also figured out how to move your feet when you're in your blue walker and it is hilarious to watch. Unfortunately there aren't many wide open spaces for you to walk around in in our house so you are happy until you hit a wall and then cry for us to come move you. That thing is a life saver when I'm getting ready to leave the house. I just plop you in that thing and you watch me and Lucy put our shoes and coats on. Then I put my bags over my shoulder, grab you, and off we go! 

  • You continue to crawl and have gotten better and faster at it. You sound like a peg leg pirate when you crawl because you normally carry one toy in one hand while you crawl, like a little people person or a block. 
  • You recently discovered that you can explore the house on your own and you get really happy/giddy while you crawl around in the morning. While we are getting ready we put you on the big carpet in the family room and in just a few minutes we hear you laughing as you crawl right back up the hall to our bedroom. 
  • It is hard to get a shower/do things by myself now that you are completely mobile! Lucy is totally satisfied to sit and watch some TV in the morning but not you! You want to explore! I've tried to put you in the pack n' play so I could take a shower and you didn't like that. You played for a bit but were crying by the time I was done and pulled up and hung onto the sides of it with your face smooshed against the wall. I also tried the exersaucer, but you also only were happy there for a few minutes and were crying by the time my shower was done. The most successful thing I have tried is putting you in your crib with the lights on and your musical mobile on. I also put a lot of toys in there for you to play with. For some reason you haven't cried with that set up.
  • You started waking up pretty early in the morning (around 6:30) when we are not ready to wake up yet. So I've been going in, changing your diaper, taking you out of your sleep sack and letting you play with toys in your crib until about 6:45 or 7:00 when I take you into our bed to play for a little while. You play pretty well on your own but are SO excited to come play in our bed. You love rolling around in our soft blankets and pillows and just giggle and laugh - it's the cutest thing to wake up to. 
  • You got tubes put in your ears on Dec. 31st. This was a huge answer to prayer as we were specifically praying that we could get them in before the end of the year to help us with the cost. You have not had an ear infection since! You did get a cold in mid-January that I was afraid would turn into an ear infection, but you seemed to fight it off! Praise the Lord! This is truly an answer to our prayers after you were sick so much of Oct-Dec. 
  • When you are sick/congested, we bring in the car seat for you to sleep in so that you are upright enough for your congestion not to prevent you from sleeping well. You really don't mind it to much. I should mention our "sick baby" routine is pretty elaborate and exhausting! We take your temp. every now and then to make sure the cold hasn't turned into an infection, sometimes we give you baby Tylenol, then I put Vicks on your feet, chest and back, sometimes suck out your nose, turn on the humidifier, nurse you to sleep, then place you in the carseat and hope you don't wake up during the transition! I'm so glad that you are completely healthy right now and can sleep in your bed!
  • You still take 2 naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They are starting to get a little less predictable and shorter and you can go longer without one. There have been a few days that you went around 5 hours before you morning nap because you wouldn't fall asleep from excitement (at BSF nursery, at the gym nursery etc.) So really, home is the only place where you are guaranteed to take a nap these days. You also have started falling asleep in the car, then wake up when we get home, and don't resume your nap. So you have like a 10-15 min nap and you wake up thinking it is time to play again! So I'm starting to master the "transport sleeping baby from car to crib" skills for those lucky moments when we pull into the driveway and you are still asleep! 
  • You like to crawl around the house and find little pieces of fuzz or dirt and point to them/pick at them with your finger and eventually stick them in your mouth. This is a nerve-wracking stage for me. Try as I might to keep the floors clean, with mainly wood and tile floors in our house this is hard to do! My main goal now is to just keep things off the floor that are big enough that you could choke on them. This could be the reason the top thing on my wish list now is a really good vacuum cleaner and steam mop. 
  • You were so congested while you were sick that you couldn't keep baby food down very well and as a result lost interest in baby food for about 2 weeks. You are slowly warming back up to it (you were eating it great around Christmastime). I've started experimenting with finger foods. First I gave you little cut up pieces of canned peaches. But they were so small and slippery you couldn't really eat them. So I tried larger chunks and you choked on those. So now we are back to small pieces. It is hard with 2 kids because I can't pay 100% full attention to you while you are eating, because normally I'm getting lunch stuff ready for Lucy simultaneously, so I just have to set you up with some finger food that I trust you won't choke on. Other things I have tried is rice, cut up baked sweet potato, and life cereal broken into small bits. You were pretty excited about all of it and seem to like to feed yourself (although you don't get much in your mouth - most of it ends up in your high chair and on the floor!) 
  • You are pretty jealous of Lucy's water sippy cups that I let her take with her around the house so I decided to let you try it and you love it! Again, I don't think you are getting much water out of it, but it makes you happy! 
  • You still have no teeth! I've been thinking that they are just about to pop through for the last 3 months, so who knows! 
  • Your hair is getting longer. It looks like it is light brown. It is so soft and cute. 
  • I've totally spoiled you and you continue to nurse to sleep at bedtime and nap times. Sometimes you will nap when I'm not there (at church or BSF nursery) by falling asleep in someones lap or in a swing. I really need to break you of this habit, but it works so well that I'm finding it hard to convince myself.... 

Bridget - we can't imagine our lives without you in it! You bring a HUGE ray of sunshine into our house every day. I love your sweet disposition and smile. You are my little adorable companion and I love sharing my days with you! You are really growing up so fast. I'm constantly surprised by what you are able to do. I love you so much! Thank you for making each day so sweet and special! 

Love your Mommy 


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