Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mom Thoughts - Nov. 2014

Mom Thoughts 
  • I love the time that I have for more social interaction during the day time, and also in the evenings and on the weekend (since we aren't as behind running errands during the weekends like we used to be when I worked)
  • I love that I can actually go to my BSF Bible Study each Wed. morning. I used to have to miss about half of the time due to work, it is so nice to be able to go more consistently. 
  • I love that I don't have to worry/panic when I have a sick child. It used to be stressful to figure out how to take care of Lucy and also get my work done. Now it is still hard having sick kids but we can just have a low key day at home if someone is sick. 
  • It is also so nice to not worry about having a rough night sleep wise. Although I do need my energy, there is more flexibility if I'm more tired than usual, like I can relax during nap time or just watch some TV with the kids. 
  • It is super frustrating that I don't have time for projects like I thought I would. I would LOVE to paint the family room and hallway a nice grey paint color. I even have the paint in my closet right now! (leftover from our rental house paint job). I can't believe that I don't work and yet I can't find the time to paint! That is so ridiculous, but so true! My kids seem to always need my attention. In addition, there are so many books I'd like to read, runs/workouts I'd like to do, projects I'd like to accomplish and to do items that remain undone. The main thing that gets done in my house is taking care of my kids each day. I'm learning to be okay with that. 
  • It is hard to be on a tight budget while staying at home. I feel like all of a sudden I have so many ideas on how to spend money (on toys, our house, DIY projects, etc.) but ironically we have less money to spend so it is just frustrating. I'm learning to channel my love of shopping and spending money on the things we HAVE to spend money on - like food. So I've been having fun spending more time and energy on meal planning and cooking new dishes. 
  • I've been sick twice in the last few weeks, both when we've had family visiting. Because of this + the cold weather I haven't worked out barely at all. I really miss it and am thinking about joining a gym once I get better. I've learned it is really hard finding an ideal time to take the kids on a run/walk. Most of the time when I want to work out, they want to play (not sit still in a stroller!) 
  • I don't think there is anything better than seeing your kids laugh together, have a good time together, or make each other laugh. It is just a magical moment that is still very new to me (the last few months). I really hope to have more children so that I can see more of these sibling interactions as they grow up. 
  • As hard as it is taking care of two kids every day, I love that I'm pretty much always with them. I get to witness all of Bridget's new moves and Lucy's new words. It is super special. I'm very lucky. Thank you Lord for the priceless gift of being with my sweet girls every day! 

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