Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mom Thoughts - Nov. 2014

Mom Thoughts 
  • I love the time that I have for more social interaction during the day time, and also in the evenings and on the weekend (since we aren't as behind running errands during the weekends like we used to be when I worked)
  • I love that I can actually go to my BSF Bible Study each Wed. morning. I used to have to miss about half of the time due to work, it is so nice to be able to go more consistently. 
  • I love that I don't have to worry/panic when I have a sick child. It used to be stressful to figure out how to take care of Lucy and also get my work done. Now it is still hard having sick kids but we can just have a low key day at home if someone is sick. 
  • It is also so nice to not worry about having a rough night sleep wise. Although I do need my energy, there is more flexibility if I'm more tired than usual, like I can relax during nap time or just watch some TV with the kids. 
  • It is super frustrating that I don't have time for projects like I thought I would. I would LOVE to paint the family room and hallway a nice grey paint color. I even have the paint in my closet right now! (leftover from our rental house paint job). I can't believe that I don't work and yet I can't find the time to paint! That is so ridiculous, but so true! My kids seem to always need my attention. In addition, there are so many books I'd like to read, runs/workouts I'd like to do, projects I'd like to accomplish and to do items that remain undone. The main thing that gets done in my house is taking care of my kids each day. I'm learning to be okay with that. 
  • It is hard to be on a tight budget while staying at home. I feel like all of a sudden I have so many ideas on how to spend money (on toys, our house, DIY projects, etc.) but ironically we have less money to spend so it is just frustrating. I'm learning to channel my love of shopping and spending money on the things we HAVE to spend money on - like food. So I've been having fun spending more time and energy on meal planning and cooking new dishes. 
  • I've been sick twice in the last few weeks, both when we've had family visiting. Because of this + the cold weather I haven't worked out barely at all. I really miss it and am thinking about joining a gym once I get better. I've learned it is really hard finding an ideal time to take the kids on a run/walk. Most of the time when I want to work out, they want to play (not sit still in a stroller!) 
  • I don't think there is anything better than seeing your kids laugh together, have a good time together, or make each other laugh. It is just a magical moment that is still very new to me (the last few months). I really hope to have more children so that I can see more of these sibling interactions as they grow up. 
  • As hard as it is taking care of two kids every day, I love that I'm pretty much always with them. I get to witness all of Bridget's new moves and Lucy's new words. It is super special. I'm very lucky. Thank you Lord for the priceless gift of being with my sweet girls every day! 

Bridget is 6 Months Old!

Things about Bridget I want to remember:
  • You have the best fuzzy head. I love it, but everyone thinks you are boy if you don't have a headband on! 
  • You have made me such a softy. I thought I would never nurse a baby to sleep (that would just be too much work!) but now I love to do it for you to relax you to bed. My favorite moments are you falling asleep in my arms and feeling you relax. 
  • You are really tough, so many times I think that Lucy has just hurt you and instead you laugh and giggle and smile at her so big. You adore your big sister. 
  • You are growing so fast. You aren't as big percentage wise anymore, I think you are 70% height, 80% weight (18 lbs), and 70% head size. You are wearing size 3 diapers and 9 month or 6-12 month clothing. 
  • This month you started crawling and sitting up by yourself (right after you turned 6 months old). Then a few weeks later you learned how to transition from sitting to crawling. You love to re-position yourself up and down, up and down over and over. 
  • When you don't want to go down for nap, you will sit in your crib and cry - it is so sad to watch on the video monitor. Sometimes you will stare right at the camera. 
  • You started eating baby food at 6 months and I am attempting to make it myself. I started with oatmeal cereal mixed with breast milk and you liked it a lot. When I switched to making it with formula (because I was running out of my frozen milk stash) you didn't like it at first, but now you do. Then we tried bananas and sweet potatoes, you liked both after the initial shock of a new taste. You didn't like apple sauce, but while we have been in Atlanta have tried some store bought baby food and you did like blueberry-applesauce, so I'll have to make that when we get home. Random story: I tried to make you steamed carrots and I steamed them so long (to make them extra soft for you) that I destroyed my pot. The water ran out in the bottom and melted the nonstick coating! I will admit I was trying to give Lucy a bath at the same time and Kristen was visiting so I was a tad distracted. Lesson learned, don't try to multi-task while making baby food! 
  • You are 6 1/2 months now and already pulling up on toys! It took you longer than Lucy to roll over, but you seem right on track with her with everything else. 
  • You have had an ear infection(s) since the beginning of October. You have been on 4 rounds on antibiotics and it didn't improve until the 4th round, and even then didn't clear up completely. We think that on the 3rd round the infection disappeared because your fever cleared up and you weren't as crabby anymore. However when the doctor checked your ears at your 6 month appt. she said there is still trapped fluid in there. We are taking you to an ENT on Dec. to see if you are a candidate for tubes. 
  • While you had the infection, you were crabby and didn't do well for the nursery at church or BSF. It turns out it was because the antibiotics weren't working for you and I thought they were! :( Well now you are back to your super happy self and doing well in the nursery again. The only remaining symptom is that you grab your ear especially while your feeding before bed. 
  • You love looking at books and grabbing the pages. Although it is hard to read to you and Lucy because you cover all the pictures and she can't see. 
  •  Your favorite toy is the blue owl. All we have to do is give it to you or hold it up in front of your face and you immediately giggle and laugh. 
  • You wake up once in the middle of the night to eat and wake up between 6-7 am. We prefer 7 am! We did sleep train you by letting you cry it out. It took about 1 week, but then you got sick and I sometimes had to give you medicine in the middle of the night or feed you to make you feel better and fall back to sleep, so we have regressed in that department. 
  • You recently moved to a two nap a day schedule. You wake up between 6:30-7:00, take a first nap at 10:00 and a 2nd nap around 2:30 or 3:00. She sleeps a total of 3 hours a day and goes to bed around 8:00 pm. 
  • You play really well by yourself now that you can move around and you love practicing your  new moves so much. You now can stay awake for about 3 hours at a time. You only get crabby towards the end of that period and want to be held and/or played with. 
  • You love to make a grabbing motion with your hand to feel new kinds of surfaces. You extend your whole hand and then make a fist over and over and over. It is pretty funny. 
  • Nursing you plus taking care of Lucy apparently has taken a toll on my body. I have been sick twice in the last few weeks. First with a horrible stomach bug, now with laryngitis. Boo! You are worth it though. 
  • I love holding you. You are so cuddly. This is such a cute fun age where you just sit there and play with toys - mostly sticking them in your mouth. You are such a joy Bridget! We love you so much! 

Lucy Update - Nov. 2014

 Things about Lucy I want to remember:
  • You love your little sister. You ask for her every night so you can kiss her goodnight. You kiss her twice, once on the top of the head and once on the cheek. You are still a little rough with her, most of the time innocently, but I have to keep my eye on you when you are with her. The  only exception to this is when you are watching TV and are totally focused in on it. 
  • You now give hugs and kisses to people and hugs and kisses to Mommy and Daddy every night. 
  • You love to pray before our meals. If we forget, you remind us to "pray" (things in parentheses are things you say). We all hold hands to pray. 
  • You like going places and going shopping. You prefer to walk around or at the very least sit in the back of the cart, but so far you haven't proved you are ready for this freedom. You went a little crazy in the "back" of the cart (sitting on the edges, taking everything out of its packages) when we tried it, so you have to sit in the front for now. 
  • You love crafts. You really light up any time we do a craft with you or let you "paint".
  • You aren't really big on toys right now which has been a challenge for us. If I'm doing chores, you would rather tag along and be my little shadow while looking very bored ;/ 
  • You do great at nursery for Sunday Mornings, Wed Night, BSF on Wed mornings, and MOPS every other Tuesday morning. I have been your Sunday School teacher during the 2nd hour this year. Of all the kids I have noticed that you LOVE crafts and activities more than most, you are lighter/smaller than most, are more assertive than most and you still have a little trouble pushing and shoving to get a toy you want or getting to the sink to play with the water. 
  • You are the world's best sleeper! You sleep from 8:00 pm to 7:00-30am every night. You normally nap from 1:30-3:30. Lately you have been skipping naps a few days a week, but I have you stay in your bed for 1 hour if you don't fall asleep and let you look at books. Then after 1 hour you can play in your room by yourself for about 15 min before you can come out. So far that has worked pretty well in getting you at least a little down time during the day. 
Things Lucy says!
  • "Ruh-Ruh" = the barking sound a dog makes. You says this for dog. Your favorite "Ruh-Ruh" is Roxy. You call Roxy "My Ruh-Ruh"
  • "Where go me?" - for playing peek-a-boo. In general you like to talk like Yoda. 
  • "Gigi and Pops house". This sentence was said a lot in anticipation for our visit over Thanksgiving. 
  • "Gamma Gamma" - Grandma and Grandpa (The Baaremans). You said "Gamma Gamma my how" a lot to talk about them coming to visit your house. 
  • "Nigh-Nigh" = going to bed. If you are tired you say "My Nigh-Nigh", if you don't want to go to sleep - normally at nap time it is "No Nigh-Nigh". You are starting to say more sentences like "No My Nigh Nigh". "Baby sissy Nigh Nigh", ect.  You also call beds "Nigh-Nigh", like "Mommy Daddy Nigh Nigh" for our bed. 
  • You can say names, you said my name "Laura" yesterday, and can also say Gigi, Pops, Roxy, Bridget, Lucy, etc. 
  • You call cars "Go" "My go", "mommy's go", "daddy's go", etc. 
  • You love talking about shoes. You have "blue shoes", "ligh (light) up shoes", "white shoes", "boots", etc. 
  • "No go daddy" - When you don't want Jason to leave
  • You know that daddy eats an "apple" every day for lunch so you say "eat apple daddy" a lot even when daddy isn't even home. 
  • "I Cold" for when you are cold, "I hot" most of the time when sunlight is shining on you.
  • You love tv so we hear these requests "Baby Animal Tee-Tee" for Charlotte's Web (your favorite), "Dora" "Baby Tee-Tee" for Creative Galaxy and "Blue Fox" for Tumble Leaf. 
  • You still love going "Outside" and you know to put on your shoes and coat to go outside. 
  • You still love baths "Baa" 
  • You know most animal sounds. Lately you've been doing a lot of monkey sounds "ohh ohh ahh ahh"
  • You call your squeeze packs of applesauce "my baby food" and when Bridget eats you say "Baby Sissy Babyfood" and you like to pull up a chair to watch her. 
  • You love to read your "Bible" before bed each night
  • "Where go (insert person's name here)?" 
  • Polite phrased we have been working on: "Help Please" "Help Me" "Excuse Me" "Please" 
Lucy, I'm so blessed to be your Mommy. You are learning so much and growing up so fast. I'm blessed to be able to witness it every day. 


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