Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lucy is 14 Months Old!

Lucy, you are now 14 months old, what's been up with you since your first birthday? (if you make it to the end of this post there are some funny videos to reward you! ;)
  • You are now saying "Mama" and "Dada" pretty frequently and can understand what it means. We are trying to be patient but have to admit that we can't wait for you to say more! We love hearing your sweet little voice! 
  • You learned how to go up and down one step at the Lake House over the 4th of July, you started by holding onto the doorjamb and walking from the kitchen to the back porch. 
  • At the beach (at the end of July), you learned how to go up and down the stairs. You LOVED it and practiced over and over! 
  • You got a hand-me-down kitchen from Aunt S, and love playing with it and the plastic food, pots, pans, and plates it came with. At first you were frustrated because you couldn't open the doors and cabinets on it, but you have since figured that out. 
  • You started daycare at the beginning of July which also meant a transition to one nap a day. You now nap from about 12-2, go to sleep at around 7:30 and wake up around 7:00. That's if we are lucky, during the beach trip, you woke up at 6:00 am every day! 

  • Another transition was from formula to whole milk. We now just give you a bottle in the morning and when you are going to sleep, sometimes you drink some, sometimes all, and sometimes none. I think you will transition out of bottles on your own pretty soon.
  • You are wearing 12-18 months clothes and got your first pair of sneakers and water shoes this month. You know that you have to wear shoes when we leave the house and will hand us your shoes for us to put on you. 
  • Along with daycare has come with a lot of sickness. At the beginning you had a cold that lasted a little over a week which felt like a REALLY LONG time! It is so horrible when you have a cold because we can't give you any medicine. You are just either really congested and can't breathe through your nose or are really runny all the time. The problem is that you only sleep on your tummy with your thumb in your mouth, therefore when you have a cold, you can't breathe at all in your normal position. You are adamant about sleeping in your normal position, so when you can't fall asleep you just cry. So what we have to do is strap you into the jogging stroller which forces you to sleep not on your tummy. We also use vapor rub (which is so funny because you are extremely ticklish under your neck), a humidifier, the blue nose sucky thing we got in the hospital and also occasionally if things get really bad we squirt saline up your nose. Of course you don't like any of these things, but they are the only ways you can go to sleep. We were so happy when you finally get better.
  • In late August you got an ear infection, but after one really bad day, with a very bad trip to the doctor and CVS, you were better. We always know when you are sick because you aren't your normal happy go lucky self. We are so happy that you are feeling better. 
  • We got you a little grocery cart to go with your kitchen and although it is a little too big for you (you can't reach some things you put in it because it is too deep), you do love pushing it around the house - it is so cute to watch! What's funny is that you push it from the front, push it from the back, walk backwards with it, etc. You are even learning how to turn it. 
  • You love to babble but really aren't forming many words. However, you are able to communicate what you want remarkably well with only being able to say two words (mama and dada). Normally you show your displeasure with cries and wimpers, and your excitedness with giggles. 
  • You have been getting in trouble lately for trying to open all the cabinets that we have child locks on, you just pull and shake on them until they are about to break! You also pulled a little boy's hair in you Sunday School class. Luckily I am now one of the helpers in your class so I now at least have an opportunity to show you that that is BAD! 
First haircut August 30, 2013
  • At daycare they have told me that you bit a kids hands when they took a toy from you. That is one of the hard parts about daycare, that they can't really punish you. So I hope that you can learn what is right and wrong at home so you don't go around biting kids! Luckily that is the only time that has happened in awhile. 
  • You are still an avid thumb sucker and always suck your thumb when you are a) tired, b) bored, or c) scared. It is a great self-soothing mechanism now and was really handy when you were younger. We aren't going to worry too much about it now, but in a year or so we will have to teach you how to sooth yourself another way. 
  • You started off not being a very picky eater and would pretty much eat anything. Now, you are a fruit-i-tarian. You LOVE fruit. You're favorite thing is a fruit cup. If you could have it your way you would only eat fruit. The only other things that we have gotten you to eat that you really gobble up is cheese ravioli and mac-n-cheese. You will eat other things but it is really surprising the things you like and things you don't like. For example, we were at Chick-fil-A the other night and you didn't want any chicken nuggets, but love the fruit cup, and even ate some pickles! Go figure! We are trying to get some meat on your bones because at 14 months you are still only 19 lbs and 14 oz. - still not even 20 lbs! This is one of the main reasons I always give you whole milk before bed. Also, we do give you ice cream as a special treat which you love. 
  • In August you did these things for the first time: helped me put towels from the washer to the dryer, started handing us your shoes when it is time for us to go somewhere, hand me my shoes when it is time to go somewhere, waves goodbye to cars and people (one time when we were in the Babies R' us parking lot you waved good bye to every car that passed by!), walked all the way from the car into the house yourself - this included walking along the stepping stones and up the deck stairs. 
  • You are more interested in our things than your toys these days. You love to open the drawer beside our couch and take the flip camera out of it. You learned pretty quickly to be careful with your fingers after getting them slammed a few times! 

Lucy we love you more and more every day (didn't think that was possible!). You are winning our hearts with your personality, charm, and crazy love for life. I recently started calling you little miss personality because you are such a little character! I love discovering who you are and I love every moment I get to spend with you. I love your happy fun-loving moments, and I even love the nights like tonight when I got to calm you down and rock you to sleep. I love you baby girl. 
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