Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lucy is 4 Months Old!

Age: 4 months
Weight: 13 lbs, 6 oz. 
Length: ~24.5 in.

What can she do now?
  • Getting much better and reaching and grabbing objects. Can pretty much grab any object set in front of her, as long as it is not too small. She can also pick up objects. 
  • Rolls (all the time) from her back to her tummy, but then gets stuck and can't roll back to her back! She is happy for the first 5-10 min. that she finds herself on her tummy, then she gets upstet and starts crying. One time she woke us up about 4-5 times in the middle of the night because she kept rolling over. So now we put her changing pad in her crib to keep her from getting stuck in the middle of the night. 
  • She giggles a lot 
  • This month she started playing in her Jenny Jump Up and her jumperoo for the first time. 
  • She can sit by herself in her boppy for awhile. 
  • Improving trunk and head control
  • She likes to pull hair
  • She's talking more and more 
  • Can stand up with assistance for longer periods - her FAVORITE thing to do is stand up (with someone holding her) we spend lots of time standing her up in our laps. 

Celebrations from the past month:
  • Went to the lake house to celebrate my birthday and Ben's birthday. We took the group photo below. At this trip Lucy was very interested in Lucas reading and kept grabbing the pages. This month she really started to pay attention to books and really enjoys when we read to her but mainly just likes to grab and eat the pages. 
  • She continues to have explosive poops - and messes up her diaper/clothes at least once a week. The laundry is truly overwhelming! Luckily we got a fancy schmany new washer and dryer to handle the new quantities. I really feel like a mom now that I actually go through all the clothes every time to check for stains and apply stain remover! 
  • Lucy is now one of the older babies in our small group, and this month she helped us take food to baby Brantley, Baby Noah, and Baby Burch! 
  • We watched Georgia defeat Florida! UGA is currently ranked #5 in the nation! 
  • I was going to go to Washington DC for my first work conference - when I was going to be away from Lucy for 3 days. Hurricane Sandy hit, which cancelled the conference and caused some work over the weekend. The trip got rescheduled, so now Lucy will be 5 months when I'm away instead of 4 months - probably a good trade off. 
  • Lucy went to her first birthday party - it was Cara's who turned 1 year old. This was a fun birthday party because the kids wore their Halloween costume - so we had a great excuse for Lucy to wear her ladybug costume twice! At the other party, Lucy has a twin ladybug! 
  • We re-rented out our rental property so Lucy got to enjoy a weekend of cleaning! We hope that one day that house will fund her college education! 
  • Other than that, our lives have consisted of working, taking care of Lucy, going on walks (because it is still like 70+ degrees around here most of the time!), running errands, cleaning the house, dreaming of when we can get a slightly bigger house ;), hanging out with friends, and going to church (our class is reading "Shepherding a Child's Heart which we highly recommend)
Things I love about Lucy...this list could go on and on, but here's the top things that come to mind:
  • Her little feet and little hands - those little hands are doing more and more exploring each and every day. She also has started touching and grabbing our faces. When she gets upset in the car, I'll reach my hand behind me to hold her little hand to comfort her - best thing ever! :) 
  • Picking her up from the babysitter's is my favorite part of the day - in just about 5 hours away from her, I forgot how adorable she is. 
Lucy - I love you more than words can say - I think we are starting to develop special mother-daughter bond. I'm really starting to get to know who you are and I love it so much. You have the sweetest disposition  - which is why I call you "Sweetheart" all the time. We thank God for you every day and pray that he will watch over you as you grow up and guide us to be the kind of parents he has called us to be for you. 

Fun Videos from this month:


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