Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Already 6 Weeks Old!

Dear Lucy,

You are already 6 weeks old! You weigh a little bit more than 10 pounds right now (this is of course using my method of weighing myself with you on our scale)! Since your 4 week post, I have had two more weeks to spend with you! I think we are both getting used to spending our days together. I love getting to see you all the time, playing with you, giving you baths, and snuggling with you. You are so soft and I love hugging you! I think my new favorite activity is holding you and watching you play. :)

You are already getting so big and strong, you used to scream the whole time during tummy time-  but now you see to kind of like it at the beginning. I'll post some videos to the end of this blog. You also are picking your head up all the time when we hold you on our shoulders. Lately, you have really started to enjoy putting weight on your legs too - you are already getting ready to stand up!

During the last two weeks, you have started to play independently. We can lay you on your mat, and you will (sometimes) play contentedly by yourself - while we clean the house, or do other things.

About a week ago, you started sleeping in your crib for naps and at night! It probably was harder for me than for you, since I liked being right next to you in case something happened. But I am more and more convinced that you are okay across the hall since you are getting bigger and stronger each day! Because of this change, I now feed you in your room and rock you in the rocking chair instead of feeding you in bed.

Right now, you eat about every 3 hours during the day and anywhere from 4-5 hours at night. Normally this means I get up 1-2 times a night. We were trying to get you on the exact same sleeping/eating/playing schedule each day, but we decided that was too hard fitting it in with our schedules. So now, we try to keep your schedule close to the same each day - with some flexibility built in.

Luckily around week 5 your little tear duct cleared up = no more eye gunk! Yay!

The past two weeks have been pretty eventful:
  • In 99% sure that you smiled at me ON PURPOSE today three times! Yay! 
  • You rolled over 3 times on your own - assisted by the couch cushion - but still, you are figuring it out! 
  • Met up with Amy in Madison
  • We went out to eat for the first time as a family - to Fatz Cafe 
  • I quit my job to spend more time with you! 
  • I got a haircut - you just slept through the whole thing! 
  • Finally got your birth certificate (the corrected one) 
  • Audrey and Alex stopped by to visit you one afternoon
  • We joined Costco - we are officially parents now! Or at least joining a club like that makes me feel all grown up! 
  • You started drinking (some) from a bottle. So we don't have to keep our outings to under 2-3 hours anymore! 
  • Lots of people from Sunday School have brought us delicious meals! Thank you Hales, Berryhills, Gables, Bounds, Wares, Gays, and Reddings! Plus neighbors, family, and other friends have as well! 
  • Hung out with Myers, Wares, Sunday School friends, and others 

Yesterday, I drove past the entrance to Doctors Hospital at around the same time you were born - 12:30pm and was already reminiscing about that day that you changed our lives forever! It seems like we are already very used to having you as a part of our family. You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives every single day. We can't believe how fast you are growing up. I was looking at some pictures and videos of  your first week and can't believe how different you look! Lucy, although it is hard to believe, we love you more and more everyday!


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