Monday, July 16, 2012

Lucy's Third Week of Life

Monday - Lucy Turns 2 weeks old!  Jason worked that morning, and came back for lunch when Randy had to leave. We went on a walk, but it was kind of hot and I think that it made Lucy act weird for the next few hours. She had projectile spit up that freaked me out, so I fed her really slowly the rest of the day - and resolved to not take her outside for walks when it was that hot anymore. That night, Jason found out that he passed his test at around midnight! Steph and Kristina came and brought us lasagna.

Tuesday - Jason and I went on a walk that morning. Spent the morning telling everyone that Jason passed his test - calling some people and texting other people. Jason was so relieved. We went out to Bonefish that night to celebrate. Went out to Old Navy that day.

Wednesday - Jason and I went on another walk. Then I went to the Social Security Office and waited a good two hours trying to get Lucy a SSN- had to go back and feed Lucy, Jason got the hospital records, picked me up, went back to the SS office, then went to Old Navy and His office to get his new badge. Jason and Ruth went grocery shopping while I cleaned the house - came back and we took Lucy to the pool party and to drop off Steph's sunglasses. Then came home and hung out - watched Bachelorette/Mythbusters, etc. Jason got his PT license number today, so his boss called and told him that he could start work as a real PT (at his new increased pay rate) on Thursday!

Thursday - Jason's first day of work! Yay! He was super excited and we were excited for him! I went back to the Social Security office and left victorious with a SS number for Lucy. I came back home and emailed HR with the info to get Lucy added to my health insurance plan. That night, we had leftovers and went out to Brusters for some ice cream.

Friday - Jason again went to work and Ruth and I went on another morning walk with Lucy. Lucy at this point has slept through all 4 of our morning walks! We then dressed her up like a little cow and met Jason at Chickfila for Cow Appreciation Day! Her outfit won us a free meal and we decided to all dress up for next year. That night, Ruth made us pork chops that were delicious and we finished off the night by going to the Christian bookstore to buy a rhyming book of bible stories for Lucy, some children's music, and David Barton's DVD set American Heritage that was 50% off!

Saturday - we got up bright and early and packed to leave for a day at the lake house. We had lots of fun with my family and the Baaremans and Lucy got showered with a lot of love from all four of her grandparents! We all went in the boat and swam a little while Ruth got some last minute time watching Lucy. That evening we drove back to Skype with Michael and Angelyn. Lucy was a very good baby that day and slept during all the car rides perfectly!

Sunday - we ventured to church for the 2nd time and went to Simmons Hall this time. It was fun to introduce Lucy to some of our friends that hadn't met her yet. The comment that we get over and over is - "Look at all that hair!" We got home from church and played with Lucy some, then went out to get our Costco membership! That afternoon, Lesley Anne came over to take some photographs and unfortunately, Lucy decided to be VERY fussy/crabby during the entire time! I think/hope that we got a few good photos so I can send out her baby announcement cards! Here's a sneak peak of the photo shoot...

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