Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lucy's First Week of Life

I'm writing this down for little Lucy - because I love to hear my own parents talk about the week that I was born. I want her to have more than enough details about the week that she changed our lives forever!

Monday - she was born at 12:23pm on June 25, 2012. Right after she was born, Jason rushed off to get Chick-fil-a for all of us. I remember not being the least interested in eating - but I knew I had to eat so I would have energy. All I remember from that day is holding her, feeding her for the first time, taking some video and photos of her, and having some visitors. My dad drove Lucas and Stormy all the way from Atlanta- and then they drove right back - just to see Lucy the day she was born. That meant a lot of me.

My dad meeting Lucy for the first time! 

 A tired dad with his new baby girl

Also, Paul, Shannon, and Christian brought us some Panera Bread for dinner - by that point I was a little more hungry - but still could only eat half a sandwich. It was so crazy for the tables to turn and for them to visit us for the birth of our child - just like we had done a year before when Christian was born!

That night, my sister got there to visit as well. That night, Jason and I stayed in the room with her. I was a little nervous about this, but knew that I had my little remote control so I could page a nurse if I needed help. At this point, I was still in recovery from the childbirth, and really didn't leave the bed at all that day. I remember that every time she made a peep in the little plastic box that they had her in, Jason I would both sit up in bed (for me that meant using the remote controlled bed to propel myself up- haha) to see if she was okay. At one point, she started screaming and we couldn't get her to stop and called the nurse to rescue us by keeping her in the nursery for a few hours. When she brought her back to be fed, they said that she had thrown up a little bit - poor thing - so that was probably the reason she was crying so hard.

Tuesday - That night they did the hearing test on her, that day my mom and sister were with me the whole day and Jason returned to studying. My mom, my sister and I took the chance to take lots of photos of Lucy since she was only a day old. We also had quite a few visitors: Stephanie and Kristina from work, Charlotte (Jason's friend from Ecuador trip), Elizabeth - Jason's new boss, Wares, Fentons, O'Neals, and Megan from our small group. We got a cute little carraige with candy in it from Megan, Flowers from MAU, Flowers and balloons from my Mom.

Wednesday - We brought her home this day - took her first bath - and received flowers from Wier Stewart, and flowers from Baaremans. By Wednesday I was super ready to come home. It was so surreal to have our little baby in our home! Within an hour or so, our house was baby-fied with the pack n' play assembled in and set up in the middle of our family room! Our house hasn't been the same since and I love it that way!
My awesome labor nurse Deneen! 
 Getting baby ready to go! 

 Driving home! 
 At home for the first time! 

 First bath at home! 

Thursday - me and my mom went to Target and Babies R Us to make some returns

Friday - my mom cooked up a storm, and also cleaned the entire house - I wasn't much of a help since I was still recovering and mainly taking care of the baby.

Saturday - my mom left around lunch time, I was with the baby by myself for a few hours - then Kristen and Ben came to visit - it was about 106 degrees that day - and approx 100 degrees inside of our house too! That night we had Chili's take out together. This is the first day that I started to feel like I was recovered and back to my normal self.

Sunday - Kristen and Ben had stayed the night in a hotel so they came back over that morning to hang out with us. We just relaxed, I took a shower, dried my hair and even put on makeup for some photos! But of course, Lucy at 6 days old was the true star of the photos. They left around lunch time and Jason and I had our first time together as a family. And what did we do? The norm - watching tv online - Next Food Network Star - that sort of thing! It was lots of fun though and we had little Lucy just peacefully swinging on her swing in front of us.

This week was amazing. Every time I look at her, I thank God for the precious gift he has entrusted to us. She will forever be his child, but I'm so thankful for the gift of calling her mine!

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  1. Isn't the first week so exciting! I can't wait till my Little Gal arrives :)



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