Monday, July 23, 2012

Lucy is 4 Weeks Old!

My baby girl is 4 weeks old today! Time flies when you're having fun! 

Happy 4 Weeks Lucy Marie! 

You didn't have a 2 week doctor's appointment since your doctor was on vacation. Instead, you had a 3 1/2 week check up. You weighed 8 lbs and 11.5 oz (50%) You were 20 3/4 inches long (50%) and your head  size was 14" (45%). Just like your Gigi says, "practically perfect in every way." Now, I have to test my patience and wait all the way until 2 months to have you measured again, until then I'll probably try my method of weighing myself with and without you - just to make sure you are growing okay! 

This past week was my first week alone with you and I had so much fun with you! The first day scared me a little bit because you vomited twice in a row all over yourself and me! That scared me a little bit and I was worried you might be sick and might get dehydrated. That day (Monday) and Tuesday you weren't quite yourself and were more fussy and cried more than normal. I of course Googled tons of articles trying to figure out what was the matter and fortunately the signs all pointed to the fact that you were fine - just demonstrating some normal newborn tendencies. Overall you are extremely healthy. The one thing we are dealing with right now is a blocked tear duct in your left eye. Apparently this is extremely common in newborns and the best way to treat it is by just removing the sleep that forms in your eye and massaging around your tear ducts as often as we can. We hope that this problem resolves itself because it is so sad to see you with eye "boogers" all the time! :( 

Last week on Thursday, we started to try to put you on a sleeping schedule - so that you would take your naps, eat, and play at the same times each day. This journey deserves a post of its own - so stay tuned! 

In true Georgia form - it has been VERY HOT recently. I love going on walks with you, but I have been trying to be careful not to take you out when it is much over 80 degrees. You don't mind your baby carrier as much as you did at first and now you pretty much just fall asleep in it. I do use the pacifier sometimes on our walks if you wake up and get upset - and that pretty much guarantees a happy cry-free walk. 

Here are some more things I have learned about you over the past 4 weeks: 
  • You were very strong from the get go and love to crane your neck all around when we are trying to burp you - you even did this when you were only a few days old at the hospital! 
  • You make tons of funny faces - your dad and I have shared so many laughs because of your funny faces! Every day you have at least one new one that we haven't seen before! 
  • You have long fingers and feet - so we are already planning a future piano career for you - just kidding! 
  • Everyone always comments on your hair! Apparently it is quite rare for an infant to have so much of it! It is so soft!!!
  • We have seen some of your adorable smiles. At this point, we aren't sure if they are on purpose or not, but we love to see you happy! 
  • You spend most of your playtime on the piano mat that Nana and Papa got you. You just discovered how to hit the little play animals with your hands on your own yesterday! 
  • You are a really good eater and have been from the get go. You are normally finished within 15 minutes of feedings. Sometimes you eat so fast though that that I have to stop you and force you to take a break so you don't spit it all up! 
  • You like to be burped for a long time after you feed and need to be help upright for awhile too. You also like being over someone's shoulder so you can look around and take in the view. 
  • You are very mesmerized by ceiling fans, I always catch you staring at them. 
  • You were in newborn diapers for your first 3.5 weeks and have recently transferred over to size 1. 
  • You are still in newborn clothes, but are quickly outgrowing them. You hate having clothes pulled over your head, which I why I recently bought some more outfits with buttons all the way down the middle. 
  • You eat every 3 hours during the day and 4 hours at night - although these times have decreased a little recently - I think you are in a growth spurt! 
  • Your dad makes sure that you have tummy time every day. You normally make little fussy noises during the whole time - but normally don't cry until you have kicked around and held up for your head for awhile. One of these days hopefully you will enjoy it! 
  • You hated having your washcloth bath by the kitchen sink, but on Sunday we gave you your first bath in the tub and you really liked it! You liked the feeling of water underneath you.
  • Finally, we have SO MANY nicknames for you - Boo, Baby Boo, Lucy Boo, Squirm Wiggles, etc. etc. etc - many from Jason that I can't remember. 
Lucy - we love you so much. You have brought so much joy to our lives over the past 4 weeks I can't imagine what else is in store! You are such a sweet baby girl - we couldn't have asked for a more lovable daughter.

I'll close with my first Iphone video of Lucy during her playtime today - expect many more of these!

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