Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Baareman is a Girl!

It's a Girl!!!!!!!

We also think we have settled on a name: Lucy Marie Baareman. We have both liked the name Lucy from even before the pregnancy I think, but it has really grown on us over the past 20 weeks. It is short, simple, and easy to spell - since she will have to spell out "Baareman" for many years to come! 

We are so excited to finally have found out what we are having! I was so excited for this past Tuesday's ultrasound I could hardly stand it! But, it completely lived up to my expectations. After working until about 1:00, I headed to the Doctor's Office and met Jason there. We didn't have to wait too long, and were called back into the same room that we had been in for my 8 week ultrasound. It was amazing to see how much growth and development can happen in just 12 short weeks! It really is such a miracle from God. 

During the ultrasound, we got to see just about every inch of our little baby. Heart, lips, brain, liver, stomach, spine, head circumference, legs, arms, fingers, etc. Every part was measured and said to be "Just Perfect" - music to our ears! What a HUGE answer to prayer! She even looked at the umbilical cord, placenta, and other things to make sure everything was as it should be. 

When she was about to scan around the legs, she asked if we wanted to find out what the gender was and we both said yes. Then she asked if we had any guesses. Jason looked at the screen and right away guessed "Girl" - even though we were both leaning more towards "Boy" up until the appointment. I guess he could make more sense of what was on the screen than me - because he was right! It was a surprise, but a good one. I have always wanted to have a daughter. Over the past two days, I have started to think about all the fun things we will get to experience as a family together, and I can't wait! 

Here are all the shots that we got to take home with us. It is our first glimpse of what our daughter will look like. I wish I could get an ultrasound every day! I decided to just post all the photos - some of the labels help - sorry Lucy for showing your "Girl Parts" to the world! 


  1. I just keep getting more and more excited to meet miss Lucy. My excitement's going to have to slow down a little or I'll never make it the next 20 weeks!
    Seeing those pictures of her tiny profile and little hand show what an awesome creator we have. What a precious gift from a loving Father!

  2. Soo excited for you, Laura! I love the name Lucy- so sweet!

  3. Yay for a girly girl! I think Lucy is such an adorable name. And those ultrasound pictures are amazing, doesn't it blow your mind that that miracle is inside you? So excited for y'all!

  4. Thanks everyone! Yes - it is truly mind-blowing that a little human is inside of me! It is so miraculous - sometimes it is hard to believe!



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