Saturday, December 10, 2011

11 Weeks (Dec. 5-10)

I realized that I was a little off with my dates - but since I left off at the weekend of Dec. 3-4, I'll pick up there.

This week can be summed up by a few events:

  • Getting up super early on Tuesday and Wednesday to help out with the OSHA classes. I helped out by getting breakfast food and make sure it was set up by around 7:45am for the students. I'm not normally a morning person, and especially not now! But somehow I managed! 
  • Jason and I met with Sue Reimer from a local law firm and she helped us get our LLC, Blue Prism Investments all in in order. We are now completely set up correctly! Turns out you can't really trust Legalzoom! Tomorrow, we are going to do the final step of meeting with a local CPA so she can help us get our taxes in order for 2011. 
  • I got to enjoy two days of caroling at MAU - it is a tradition that is really fun. We all sing a few Christmas carols together during the morning and enjoy breakfast together. The first day I totally pigged out and had a sausage biscuit from Chick-fil-a (by the way, totally didn't know that they had sausage - I thought they only sold chicken?!?), and also enjoyed some Cinni-minis. Yum! The next day we caroled, Travis brought in some homemade breakfast casserole and fruit which was equally delicious. 
  • On Thursday night, Jason traveled to Atlanta to visit with one of his friends, Drew. He also had some time to hang out with my family too. While he was gone, I did what I do best - wasted lots of time online, primarily on Pinterest. I think I also went to the gym a few times - a good activity to do when your home is empty! :( 
  • On Friday, I hung solo and watched a movie via Amazon on Demand. I really wanted to watch The Preacher's Wife - a great Christmas movie which features an amazing soundtrack by Whitney Houston - but unfortunately the closest I could get was watching the original, The Bishop's Wife, starring Cary Grant. That movie was also good. I was glad to get a Friday night to completely relax...ahhh... 
  • On Saturday, I ran some errand, cleaned the house, and prepared to have Stephanie and Kristina (work friends) over for dinner and a movie. We had lots of fun preparing our Asian fare (I used our wok for the first time and made fried rice - take it from me, leave this task to the experts, they do it best! While my rice was good, it was no where near as good at the local Chinese restaurant...) I also made teriyaki chicken and was quite proud of myself, since Jason normally takes care of the meat when we cook. Plus, I even marinated it! To cook, I just used the Cuisinart Griddler and it took less than 5 minutes! Kristina made two different types of Asian salad, which were both delicious and even made me a smoothie - to make me feel better for not being able to drink alcohol, lol. She's actually inspired me and I have made two smoothies on my own since - neither quite as good though... Stephanie came with the goodies and brought some really cute reindeer cookies and and chocolate bark. Yum! We had a great time and finished the night by watching Christmas Vacation. When Jason came home, he found that we had accidently clogged the drain while preparing our fancy dinner. 
  • On Sunday, we ran our errands, cleaned, laundry, the usual. We also did some preliminary investigations on our clogged drain. We didn't get to far on Sunday, so unfortunately, Jason had to spend most of the day on Monday figuring out the problem. I'm so proud of him that he fixed it himself and we didn't have to pay a plumber!!!! 
  • As far as pregnancy symptoms go. I started to feel like I was out of the woods on Saturday and Sunday. We will see how long that lasts... 

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