Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 Weeks (Nov. 28 - Dec. 4)

So we have made it to 10 weeks! Yay! After a pretty crazy week, we crashed over the weekend. On Friday night, we didn't do much, just stayed around the house - or at least that's all I can remember. *Side note* a few weekends ago, we watched all three of the Back to the Future Movies in one weekend, one on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Angelyn and Michael even joined us for #2 I think - - I love those movies!

On Saturday, we had a jam packed day. That morning, we had to run some errands: I exchanged one pair of exercise pants at Target, and then immediately bought some better, cheaper ones at Old Navy. We went to BBB to get a last minute wedding gift for Mary Beth and Ryan, got some amazing Christmas candles and other random make-up stuff at BBB too. I can't remember all we did, but do know that we were out and about right until lunch.

After lunch we changed and headed to Mary Beth's wedding that started at 2 downtown. The wedding was really pretty and fun. It was so good to see the two of them finally get hitched - we are so excited for them! During the wedding - which was held at First Pres, there was a little rambunctious toddle right in front of us that kept us laughing (or trying not to laugh) the entire time. The day was beautiful out, pretty sunny and warm for early December. They had lots of wonderful food at the reception, and instead of just one groom's cake, they had like 5 fancy flavored cakes from a bakery there - like white chocolate raspberry, chocolate peanut-butter cup, hummingbird, and others! We sat at a table with lots of Jason's PT friends. We had to squeeze a lot of extra chairs in so everyone could sit together. I really enjoyed their wedding slideshow, first dance, etc. We left a few minutes into the UGA-LSU Game (SEC Championship), once we heard that UGA was actually leading the game at 3-0, so I don't know what we missed...

We got home, and I laid on the couch while we watched the football game. UGA did us proud- especially during the first half, when they led the entire time! Unfortunately, LSU came back with a vengeance  during the 2nd half and beat us fair and square. It was a good thing I had a rest/nap during the game because at 7:00pm we headed to Stephanie and Nick's Christmas party. I brought Mint-Chocolate brownies, that are really good - except that I think I made too much mint topping and chocolate icing, yes - there can be to much of a good thing. Or maybe I don't like it because I am pregnant - too much sugar? Because Jason loves it and has eating most of the pan himself. Believe it or not I don't really crave sweets or diet coke at all anymore. I have wondered - did my Diet Coke habit fuel my constant need for sweets? Or is the salty pregnancy cravings just taking over completely? Well I was really proud of my pregnant self because I had energy the entire party and made it until about 10:45 when we decided it was time to go (Jason had to teach in the morning). The party was really fun and we enjoyed hanging out with some MAU folks and meeting people from Nick's work.

After such a crazy busy Saturday, on Sunday we went to church, then I spent the afternoon on the couch, sleeping and reading. Jason did most of the Christmas decorating for us - thank you Jason!

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