Monday, December 13, 2010

Who's Cuisine Reigns Supreme?

Laura, previously described how we went to our friends wedding with some friends. Well, there was a little more to the story than just traveling to Montgomery and back. We actually stayed in Atlanta on Friday night to hit up a hip, modern, tasty restaurant that you might have heard of...Two Urban Licks! This restaurant is awesome with a great urban feel which is captured as you drive up to an old warehouse garage to drop off your car to the valet guys. It's definitely very cool, at least, I felt cool. As we walked into the place we opened the door to a busy cornucopia of restaurant sounds like low level conversations, the clanging of silver ware and glasses, and the smooth sounds of classic jazz tunes provided by the blues band that was playing that night. All of this atmosphere was shrouded in low level lighting of red and white with the frantic kitchen open and centerfold to the restaurant. It was truly an experience that shouldn't be missed so if you are even in Atlanta, you should definitely check this place out!  Plus it will make you feel very cool.

Since Laura and I were with Micheal and Angelyn, we were able to combine forces to try dishes. We started off the dinner with some appetizers. Laura and I got the Calamari which is pictured to the right.  We agreed that this was the most amazing Calamari that we have ever had grace our palate.  It was lightly battered and fried but there was a hint of honey which made it perfectly sweet and salty.  It was served without any kind of sauce except what was drizzled on the top and for good reason, because it was so flavorful all by it's lonesome.

We shared the Calamari with our dinner mates and they shared the Salmon Chips with us which is what the started with as an appetizer.  It was also very delicious with perfectly smoked salmon on a crispy chip served stylishly on a cedar or some kind of would plank.  Again, a very flavorful and tasty beginning to our dinner.  The restaurant has lots of different kinds of appetizers and it was hard to decide, but these were definitely worth it.  Oh, you also get delicious, fresh baked bread which you can dip in a home made concoction of sweet chili sauce and oil?  I don't was just good.

We moved on to the main courses of which there were plenty to chose from and all sounded unique and excellent.  I ended up getting the Bistro steak served up with garlic whipped potatoes and classic veggies.  The steak was so tender and juicy that I almost had to eat with a spoon!  Not really, just amazing.  Laura settled for a lighter option of ravioli which was also excellent and pictured to the right.  Oh and I should mention, this place had amazing drinks to go with your meal!  They had many unique wines that were on tap as well as excellent mixed drinks to accompany any dinner selection!  Dinner is so much better with something good to wash it down with and wine with dinner also makes you feel very cool.  Did I mention before this place just makes you feel cool?  Anyway, here are some more pictures from the evening!  Below is a picture of me eating my meal, but apparently I felt the need to "spirit fingers" or prescribe some food incantation over the dish before I dug in.  Did it help?  Who knows!

The Boys of the night
The lovely girls of the evening

So, that wraps this up for me today!  Two Urban Licks is a tasty, hip, modern, awesome, delicious culinary adventure which is sure to make you feel at least three times cooler than you really are and that is why Laura and I give this restaurant "Two Satisfied and Full Bellies" on the BRRS (Baareman Restaurant Rating Scale)  Y'all need to check it out or comment on what dish you like the best when you have gone to help us decide what to get when we go back!


  1. ooo sounds cooool! haha! i'm excited for more BRRS's!

  2. Kyle and I LOVE Two! Next time you go, if it's warm weather, you should check out the back porch. They have a bocce ball court out there!

  3. I want your camera! How did these turn out so well in such dim lighting??

  4. Lesley Anne - we will def. go back and check out the back porch - maybe when it's warmer!

    Angelyn - disclaimer- the first few pics aren't ours- I think Jason stole them from the website!



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