Friday, December 31, 2010

Wedding Week Day 3: Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. Anyone who has done it before understands knows that it takes lots of energy and planning and WAYYYYY more time than you initially think. All that said, I loved planning our wedding. It was lots of fun and our wedding ended up being everything I had dreamt about.

Pretty soon after we got engaged, we set our wedding date for Dec. 20th, 2008. We thought it would be nice to get married then since we had a long three-week break from school, so we could have time for the wedding, honeymoon, and time to get settled into our new apartment after the honeymoon. We also decided to go with the "Christmas Theme" and the colors we settle on were dark green, dark red, and gold.

We started everything out with a Save the Date that I designed on Photoshop and then emailed to our wedding list - which saved lots of money right off the bat.
I spent a lot of time on http:/// for ideas. Here's a few of the photos that I used for inspiration. For the boquet, I knew I wanted lots of red roses and Christmas greenery:

For the reception and ceremony decorations, I knew I wanted a lot of flowers and Christmas greenery as well. We were trying to go for a really rich colored scheme - with lots of golds and dark greens - versus just bright poinsettia red. 

I also knew that I wanted a big Christmas tree in the reception hall. We planned to have the guests place their presents under the tree. Luckily, the venue that we selected had one that was already decorated in our colors!
For the bridesmaid dresses, I decided on long hunter green for the bridesmaids, and dark red for my maid of honor (my sister, Kristen). The guys wore matching tux vests. 
For the programs, I decided to go with something simple, incorporating our colors. 
From the picture below I got the idea to display the monogram from our program on the dance floor. 
From the tree on the left, I got the idea to use tags in a Christmas tree instead of a guest book. I also knew I wanted to get old photos of our parents and grandparents weddings to display on a table. 

I thought the idea of throwing snow would be fun and different. But our photographer told us that the photos would turn out the best if we used sparklers- so we ended up using those instead. We got long gold sparklers that burned for 2 full minutes, to give us plenty of time. Also, the photo on the right gave me the inspiration to have a cake that was decorated with snow and snowflakes.

 So that's it for the wedding planning! Check out Post #1 and Post #2. Coming up next, I'll talk about our Rehearsal Dinner.

Happy New Year!

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