Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tour de Christmas Illumina

One thing you can always count on during Christmas is people putting up Christmas lights. Now, I'm a fan of enjoying other peoples tiresome 4 week prepartion in the cold and damp winter air to create a Christmas spectacle, but I do not get enthused about hanging, and untwisting hundreds of feet of outdoor lights. At all. I mean, why would I want to spend hours a day trying to hang up all of these decorations when I will never really see or get to enjoy them. Well, you might say, because other people enjoy it like yourself. And I would respond, that's why I'll let other people toil over the other decorations. So even though, hanging up outdoor lights ranks near the bottom of activities I would enjoy doing, I really do enjoy driving around other homes who decorate for the festive season. And before you think I'm too much of a Scrooge, I've already been informed by my lovely bride that when we have kids, we will be hanging lights on the house, so for right now I'm just buying my time. But anyway, I thought it would be fun to tour around our neighborhood and report on this seasons outdoor decorations and then broadcast them to the world because I know that everyone desperately wants to know about our little neighborhood in our little corner of the world. I have titled each picture with an interpretive name and brief narrative description for your viewing pleasure. Think of this like a digital, indoor, seasonal, art gallery, with no admission cost. Enjoy!

I call this first one: Shades of Blue Christmas.  These people incorporated a lot of blue lights to try and make the illusion of iciness.  The picture was a little blurry but it's hard to with no lighting to capture the full effect.

The next one, I call:  Gingerbread House on a Hill.  This house is on top of a hill and is surrounded by trees and bushes which diluted the lighting, but it just reminds of a Hansel and Gretel type of house.

This one I call:  These People Really Love Christmas and Every Other Holiday Too!  Every year this couple pulls out all of the stops to create a glowing spectacle.  But they also do this for St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving...pretty much every holiday.

This one I like to call:  Up From the Ground Christmas Comes.  They always have little pop-ups and scenes that pepper the yard for the yuletide season as well as Halloween.

This next one is called: Outline - because the house is outlined...even the windows, and the bushes.

This one is known as: Classy Christmas.  They incorporated nice icicle lights with some reindeer a very nice nativity scene.

This one I like to call:  Simplicity.  And no further description is needed.

Finally, I will call this last one: Epileptic Christmas.  This house always draws a crowd every year for it's incredible sequencing of house and yard lights to songs that you can listen to on the radio.  This year was no different so I felt a brief video was in order.

Merry Christmas! And tell us which one you like!


  1. Creativity points for syncing the lights to the music. I've never seen that before, ever.

  2. My fave is the Classy Christmas house. Although I do like people who sync the lights to music.



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