Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Theatrical Wedding

Yesterday, our friend Brock from college got hitched. Jason and I road-tripped out to Montgomery, Alabama with our friends Michael and Angelyn this weekend to make sure we saw everything go down.

From the very beginning, we knew that this wedding wasn't one to miss. From the Save the Date and the invitation, we could tell it was going to be unique. They decided on a whimsical theatrical theme which fit surprisingly well for a wedding. The invitation looked like a an advertisement for a theater show, and instead of the typical RSVP card, included tickets to the event. 

The wedding ceremony was held in a the Auburn University (at Montgomery) Theatre. When we arrived, we signed our names on one half of the ticket (that we turned into the ticket taker), and kept the other half. This served as a guest book - really cute idea. 

Then we took our seats. The stage was set up like a play, with a few pieces of furniture, that matched the colors of the wedding (red, hot pink, and neon green), some brass instruments, and an artist who was painting a pinkish-red painting on a canvas. At the beginning of the wedding, one of Brock's groomsmen played the part of an emcee with top hat and all. He welcomed us to the show and told us how much our attendance meant to the bride and groom. 

Then, when the parents of the bride came in, they went on stage, and together painting a "C" representing the first letter of the bride's name. Then, Brock's parents followed suit, painting a large "B" on the right side of the canvas. After the wedding party came out, many of them played brass instruments in a rendition of "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge. 

Then the bride came out in a beautiful pink dress in the shade of cotton candy. She was escorted by her father and her little boy who both gave her away. The wedding was traditional in the fact that a pastor was still leading the Christian ceremony. About halfway through, during a solo, Brock and his bride went up to the canvas painting together and painted a "S" for their last name. So the canvas painting was complete- a monogram. 

They then said their own vows, which was really touching. I have never been to a wedding with personalized vows, so it was definitely sweet- although I don't think I had the guts for it at my own wedding! With the preacher's pronouncement that they were husband and wife, Brock kissed his new bride to the tune of "Kiss the Girl". Then, they came to the front of the stage and bowed as many of the guests threw roses at them (I think this was planned - since there was a giant vase of roses at the entrance!). 

The emcee then told us that we were invited to the show's "After Party". We drove about 15 minutes and arrived at a Meeting House in a little community that reminded me of a Cape-Cod style chapel. In the entrance, there was a table full of boxed candy (the favors), bags of popcorn, and a Christmas tree. We found a high boy table where we enjoyed classic coke, chick-fil-a, chicken salad croissants, cupcakes, and other yummy food. The Meeting House was full of photographs of the bride and groom together and even had a little tent with lights and paper lanterns. 

The cakes were also adorable. Her's had a camera on the top since she is a wedding photographer herself, Brock's had sheet music from his days in the University of Georgia Marching Band, and she had a cake made for her son that looked like legos. Best of all, they even had milk and mugs to enjoy their cake with! 

In addition to the cake, there was the other traditional fun wedding stuff like the first dance, the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, garter toss, boquet toss, and more. 

Here's Jason and I whizzing by mid-dance, and another more typical pic:

One thing that was pretty cool was a photo booth they had set up in the corner to take photos in. Our group of friends from UGA posed in the booth, but I also took a pic with my own camera. 

All in all, the wedding was adorable, and I had a great time with friends - but best of all was seeing my friend - the groom so happy. Plus, going to this wedding made me remember my own wedding two Decembers ago... maybe I'll post about that on our anniversary....

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