Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hibernation Calories

So, today, we just wanted to share with y'all some more amazing grub that has come out of our kitchen.  Now, I know there are a lot of blogs out there about food and stuff and many many of them are all exploring "healthy options" or "organic options."  This is not one of those type of post.  Today, Laura and I will share some soul comforting food that is sure to exacerbate your liver while tantalizing your taste buds.  In short, the recipes that we are about to describe to you have some sure fire calories to help you hibernate through the long cold winter months.  After all, all the bears stock up on high calorie goodness to survive the winter months so why can't we?  Anyway, without further ado, I introduce to you, our friend...Mac and Cheese.  Now, normally we don't really eat Mac and Cheese but for some reason both Laura and I were craving it most likely because it is hot and full of calories.  This recipe wasn't that difficult either which added an appeal for making the dish.  We just boiled some pasta bow ties and shells, made the artery cement (aka the cheese sauce), cut up some ham to throw in some protein, added some seasoning for flavor and baked it in the oven.  We actually modified the recipe a little bit because we added Monterrey Jack cheese with jalapeños to give the dish a little extra kick rather than the regular Jack cheese.  We also sprinkled Italian seasoned bread crumbs on the top to provide a nice flavorful and crispy crust.  All in all, the dish came out of the oven bubbling with flavors, and with a heaping helping of vegetables as the side, we made a tasty, comforting dinner.  The complete recipe can be found by clicking here!

Here's the cheese already to be melted together

The sauce mixture which is made with milk rather than cream

Just before baking in the oven with the seasoning and bread crumbs

And....Ta-da!  From dish to bowl to tummy!

After a tasty main course, what better way to follow up than with some mint brownies for dessert!  Laura made these brownies from a box but adapted them with the toppings from this recipe!  Because of her adaptation the recipe was not as involved because the brownie base was not home made.  She just made the box brownies but then added the mint icing and chocolate ganache described in the link on top of the brownie base.  They turned out very good and were a sensation at a Christmas Party with friends!  This is definitely a way to cool down your palate after the Mac and Cheese!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this culinary adventure and are inspired to throw off some of the healthy trends to comfort your food soul for the winter.  I would highly suggest these eats so go forth and cook!  And if you missed the previous food post, which consists of healthier options,  you can find it here!  Let us know what you think!


  1. I was planning on making brownies for my husband's office Christmas party on Friday, but I am definitely going to alter the recipe and try out this new recipe! I am a sucker for chocolate and mint combined. Thanks for sharing!

  2. here's to hibernating bears & calories! looks delish..i'll definitely have to give the mac & cheese a try!



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